Piplay Installation and Using Instructions


The first number is version ie 195 the 2nd number is firmware 181

The FW is for 5k & 8k


You might need to adjust ipd value a bit from your actual ipd value.


the 95 version i download was it i looked in the file properites says going to install soon but as of right now i honestly have no issue running any games at 110% resolution scale on steam and 1.0% on piplay like project cars 1 and 2 wish is really cool syrim vr fallout4 vr evenntho i cant play it with xbox controller


i found that the default ipd is best for me seems wen i play around with it things get blurry


You’ll like skyrim. Ethan Carter with VR dlc looks pretty sweet.


i wish vorpex was free id really like to play gtav im vr but not willing to pay 40$ for it not worth it…i also found out yesterday that alien isolation for pc has vr built in all you need is a program mothervr to unlock it its not adding vr its ,unlocking vr made for the game


i just got eathan carter vr its good im a pirate what can i say i try befor i buy so i litteraly have evry aa aaa vr game


i found my self spending over 35 hours in VRchat so far lol


Can anyone confirm that this is a Pimax 4K?

For the price 69$ I would buy it to watch the video :beers: :+1:
And I would compare it with the Pimax 8K through the lens.

@Heliosurge, @killav420


Aukey is a pimax 4k rebranded. Uses piplay & now pitool.

If it haa pics you will see pimax logo on headphones.

New HP 4K HMD $599

Great, then at this price (69$), I think it’s worth buying it :sunglasses:
(my old Pimax 4K has long been broken. And I really want to compare it with the Pimax 8K).


Yeah it is a decent price.


I took it for $ 60 exactly!
I made an offer and the seller agreed, this is a deal of the week, wow :sunglasses:

I will then do a comparison through a lens with a Pimax 8K, I wonder how much 8K lags behind 4K …
Of course, this is the best purchase from me this month.
But I still can not believe that there is inside Pimax 4K, although everything looks exactly the same, only the inscription is different.

But damn it for this price the Pimax 4K is worth it, if it really is him :gift:


Indeed. The 4k screen alone is worth it for a later diy 4k projector. :smiling_imp::smirk:

If mem serves a screen replacement for the old sony xperia 5? If you can find one instock the 4k@60hz screen goes for $50? Now as I recall.


Yes, that’s the point :grinning:
One 4K 60hz panel will already be worth the money.
And here a whole helmet is sold for $ 60 …
The obvious benefit to the buyer :clap:

Yeah, the panels from Xperia should fit, as far as I remember.


i can confirm this is a pimak 4k headset i bought one for 69 no materr the ghosting this is one of the clearest hmd out the screen door effect in not there at all you cant beat this deal,man