Piplay keeps deleteing itself


this is super odd and i got no idea whats going on, i download the setup file and do the hole disconnect wifi and antivirus then install piplay and it works i can play games and eveything then like 2 days later when i turn my pc on piplay is gone ?? what the f. Does anyone have the same problem ?


I haven’t heard of that before.

When you say gone/deleted. You mean Uninstalled type gone or piplay.exe gone?

If the launcher is gone; check & see if your AV is quarranting the launcher.

@Enopho knows windows exceptionally well & may know if windows is doing something.

Bumped your user level up 1.


it uninstalled it self, when i look at my D drive the folder is gone and when i search for it i cant find anything, this is super odd


Indeed. Hooefully Eno might have an idea whats going on. I myself have never had software uninstall itself.

May need Pimax’s input. @Community


Do you use any specific type of harddrive cleaner like CC Cleaner, or antivirus?


i do have CC cleaner but never really use it my antivirus is AVG i allso have all of the IObit programs like the “Driver booster” - “Advance SystemCare” - “IObit ununstaller” -


Programme removing themselves can be caused by a bunch of different reason, the 2 most common causes are malware and windows version update.

If it is the latter then have a look to see if you have a c:\windows.old directory? If you have then it might be that windows version has replaced the version of windows you were on. This usually means that windows thinks that the piplay programme is not compatible


i dont have that so i guss it must be one of my cleaner is going rogue and cleaning stuff on its own


Does the cleaner have a setting it cleans temp files on startup or shutdown?
Which OS by the way?


but the thing is doesnt cleaner only clan stuff that havent been used in a while ?
and since i use my VR often i dont understand why my cleaner will delete it

windows 10


Please bear with me as I don’t know your current rig in depth, so I am just spitballing here.

I am not a software, or hardware engineer, although far back in last century, I was a Novell Intranetware CNE 4.11 (in a galaxy far far away)… :slight_smile: So I am a bit rusty on tech issues. Also done low level printer and PC and laptop issues at banks.

Now mind: Below is a link to cleanup diskspace.
What I am presenting are scenarios which you might be doing without you knowing you are doing.
If 1 is even remotely similar with your situation, you might want to look into that.


Try disabling IObits. If mem serves that’s the creator of “System Mechanic” likely something in it is causing a problem.


Sometimes running installers as administrator does strange stuff and the other way round when not done although recommended.