Piplay kodi switching off


I have upgraded to new version and now i cannot watch local video content on my pimax 4k anymore Kodi keeps on switching off I have not had this before i upgraded why is this happening and how do i resolve this Pc is asus rog gr8ii I5 1060 GRAPHICS CARD

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You could uninstall and go back to the previous version of Piplay first:
You also could watch movie by using autoplayer on Pimax mode.


after unistallation, please clear the folder as well:
C:\Users*your user name*\AppData\Local\Pimax
C:\Users*your user name*\AppData\Local\PiPlay
C:\Users*your user name*\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax
C:\Users*your user name*\AppData\Roaming\PiPlay
C:\Program Files\Pimax

And also please leave the Kodi log for us:
save the whole log for us C:\Users*your user name*\AppData\Roaming\Kodi