Piplay menus are transparent



There was an old topic marked as “resolved” with the same exact issue that i am getting but no mention of how or what actually resolved it (since its obviously not resolved in version which is the latest version at the time of this posting).

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heres a side by side screenshot of what the piplay interface looks like in front of a black background (mspaint is behind it in this case), thats the left side.

on the right side is the same piplay interface but in front of a google search where you can clearly see how fucked up it is.


to make things worse, it messup when rendering on top of its own interface, heres what it look like if open the parameters and click on “magnetic calibration”


I am having the same problem with the PiPlay and PiTool menu, where I am actually completely unable to calibrate my 4k headset (HMD) because the menu is graphically corrupted!
On the image below I pulled up the pop-up menu to calibrate 4k headset, but the pop-up menu is completely unreadable!