Piplay New Version 1,1,87


Hi All,
This is just to let you know that a new version of Piplay has been released.

It can be downloaded from the Pimax wed site as before.

There have been several bug and stability fixes as well as added the ability to specify a download directory of your choice in the Settings screen.



Here is the link


So awesome!! Thank you.

I see they added Kodi for Pimax.
It is only going to 1080p resolution on my computer… do you need to reinstall pix after the upgrade, or will we need to hack Kodi to get 2K resolutions?


i’ve spent so long getting this version to work in a way that i am happy with. i am scared to try a new version :confused:


I hear where you are coming from Feranti.
The good news is for my issue all I had to do was uninstall Pix.exe, reinstall Pix.exe… then reboot.
(note my screenshot got skewed a bit…that why it looks a little off :p)

I am impressed with the update so far… though On the flip side, they have an option to update your headset (or maybe just software) to the Pimax Beta program.

That I feel is where I draw the line… haha… in fact that check-box scares me… maybe if I google translate the bbs Chinese pimax forum I can find out more about it.


I’m going for it, now you have sorted the 2k again.

I thought we were all already on the beta program :slight_smile: :smiley:

Well done on pimax forgetting this out. Does the turn on cool colors stay selected.


Haha yeah, sweet that’s great to hear.
Let me know how your upgrade goes.

I haven’t played with the cool colors in the upgrade so I’m not sure… do you find that option useful? I was afraid it would make movies too hard in the eyes, but I guess for an hour or so the extra blue light should be fine.

Good luck in the new version Feranti.



It went fine. Had to restart and run pix.exe again. It seems to have stopped virtual desktop blue screen in theatre mode.

I don’t know if the turn on cool color’s option has ever worked but I like the idea of it. Colors can look washed out.

I’m not sure what level the beta would be. I’ll push the button at some point !


I selected the “Upgrade Beta Version” but it does not appear to do anything as far as I can tell, so far.


I tried Kodi. I added my movies, tv shows and photos to the libraries from my NAS system as well as the HDHomerun Prime for live TV. All of them work. Everything works OK except the screen is squeezed and hard to see the corners. Maybe it just needs some tweaking. I also don’t like the skin and may experiment with others.


Yeah I hope they add headtracking, like you see with LiveRiftView


Would you consider giving a few examples of how you did that?

Mine seems to be in Chinese and I can’t find how to change it to English.

What mode should Pimax be in, Extended or Pimax Mode?

Interesting how none of the software has any instructions on use and that includes just about all the SteamVR programs as well.



I had to use Extend mode. KODI was installed in English when I updated PiPlay. When I open KODI it automatically runs on the PIMAX as the extended display in Windows. The rest of what I did was with the standard KODI features. Check the KODI website for documentation.


I’m interested in using LiveRiftView. Could you please explain where to get it and how to set it up for the PIMAX?


LiveViewRift was like magic… I didn’t have to configure anything. Just got the latest version from
,And it worked.

Hope it works that simply for you too!
Let me know if you have any issues setting it up.

It is now the only play I use for watching movies. I use it in extended mode with 1440 2K resolution.


Thanks. Just tried it. I think I’ll stick with the Steam Simple VR Video Player. Much more intuitive for me. Also, LiveViewRift wouldn’t play some of my 360 videos. My main interest in it is for viewing Live Streaming 360. Have you tried that by any chance?


oh, yeah I would like them to add a 360 mode. my favorite mode for regular videos is the curved screen, where it curves a bit in all directions. With LiveViewRift you should plug in an Xbox controller, makes things so simple.

I like the idea of the 360 videos…but do they have 3D 360, they could do that (unless they do). Thats why I more started just watching 1080p 3d movies. but 3D 360 would interest me a lot. I didnt know they had live streaming of 360 videos… do you just search google for that or is there a good spot?
I have been tempted to back this kick-starter campaign,

Sounds like something you might also be interested in.

Regarding simple vr,
I previously used SImple VR Player and other Steam apps… but until the Pimax Team makes pimax mode higher resolution I have been biased to extended mode. With 2560x1440, and a `1080p movie I really do feel you see a difference. 2k can do 1080p per eye… If think Pimax mode is only 1080p total resolution… although I guess if you are lucky enough to have direct mode maybe thats not the case.



Actually, LiveViewRift does have 2D 360 mode. Some of my videos played but not all of them. Not sure why I’ll have to investigate.

I heard about the live streaming on a YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUeBBUfSGyw&feature=share

Re: Simple VR Video Player, I find that it gets very good quality images by tweaking up some advanced settings.


cool! I will give that a try and check that out. Thanks.