Piplay version is available for downloading


Piplay Updated date: 08/09/2017
Downloading link: https://mega.nz/#!4cBGiIxJ!tDgaH2n0dZPUUz_PrMluUWfto79BEs0iHU-Bx1kMwGM1


  1. New UI: Simple and friendly.
  2. Optimized content source that will be updated continuously.
  3. Added an alert of device connection status.
  4. Added games and Movies categories, tags, search function and detail pages.
  5. Added a function of Magnetism Calibration (hand and auto) to optimize drift/yaw issue.
  6. Optimized installation procedure and speed.

Piplay_1.2.98_beta Updated date: 01/09/2017
Change logs
a. Fixed the issue that PiPlay could detect Pimax that display nothing (black screen) though in some Laptops.
b. Fixed pi_server crashed issue when switched modes or disconnected the headset.
c. Added the function of double-clicking side button (either one) of Nolo CV1 to back the point that is corresponding to reality.
d. Synced the latest SDK of Oculus Home.

Notes: HMD may display nothing with the latest Nvidia driver 385.41 in Video mode of Piplay.

Downloading link: Pending

Piplay_1.2.97 Updated date: 12/08/2017
Change logs
a. Improved stability and performance.
b. Added Firmware auto update without confirmation.

Downloading link at: https://mega.nz/#!4F4xHTCK!zxW_OIUniU5rNGR9-ZWhd8Ojyj6W_ou0nMESoHzvkHI

Piplay_1.2.95_beta Updated date: 03/08/2017
Change logs
a. Improved image quality, enhanced frame rate of high-quality VR games.
b. Added automatic “Magnetism calibration”, optimized drift phenomenon.
c. Optimized the issue of DFU driver could not be installed after its uninstall in some PC.
d. Optimized throw experience in Nolo.

Downloading link at: https://mega.nz/#!MJ5ykJhS!N3ZvBMV4SWTAgaTjTwXU77FQGNBczqYaaQ_8R4jGVxQ

Piplay_1.2.93_beta Updated date: 28/07/2017
Change logs
a. Optimized Render performance.
b. Added the function of Magnetism Calibration.

Downloading link at: https://mega.nz/#!xUxiTBKJ!2ffVWOt-51Tvp0r8MAIOMPx_8s3zF7dflnztHzCnOVw

Hi guys,

This version is released in forum firstly for your experience, our website will also update it later, please be advised :smiley:

Pimax Support

Downloading link: https://mega.nz/#!JYJxWTQR!FtFjUUb-9dRtcFQQoutY14AZPWGvecrAzfoYGYaBghU

Piplay 1.2.91 Released on 07/19/17
Change logs
a. Integrated Nolo driver, users can use Piplay to experience Nolo directly after matching with it without needing to install extra driver.
b. Added interactivity of connecting Nolo.
c. Added lite Piplay version specially used for PC with lower configuration during installment. (Only for playing 2D, 3D videos)
d. Optimized high resolution support for some graphics cards.
e. The default is Pimax mode after restarting PC or Pi serve if PC with high performance.
f. Added DFU driver to fix the issue of update failure.
g. Optimized the issue of handle leak.
h. Fixed the language issue of Debug tool.
i. Optimized connection for the latest Steam.
j. Fixed the issue of Piservice can’t launch after running Piplay.
k. Optimized experience for Nolo.

Eliminate gyro drift pretty much completley
1.2.89 Reviews & testing methods
How do I reset (recenter) the tracking position?
Wish List _ (1) _ Image Quality & Frame Rate
[Hello Nolo]PiPlay_Nolo Customized Driver Beta Version Piplay 1.2.85
How do I reset (recenter) the tracking position?
Piplay_1.2.93_beta needed

In my opinion, drift compensation was added.
Also in asseta corsa I have 60fps.


I tried it and it made the drift in mine worse. Went back to the last one. Havnt tried 1.1.92 yet but I might to see if it’s the renderer causing it


@PIMAX-Support no ceiling mount support for nolo?


This. Also looking forward to nolo ceiling support. Thanks

pinned #6


hey @xunshu, which cards got optimised? 1060, perchance?


Awesome can’t wait to test on both systems!

Keep up the great work! & thank you for the change log!


1.2.91 drivers - gtx 1080 (driver 384.76) drift, assetto corsa low fps, no progress in optimization


Didnt noticed any improvement with nolo so far.

Screen fades on lost tracking or shakes all the time.

Controllers are still losing tracking and flying away from me.

Ceiling support - unsupported.

A month of owning the nolo and a complete lack of game experience, all i got for almost 150$ are tons of hours moving my furniture around the room and placing base station in different places with zero support from nolo&pimax.


The performance is a bit better, image quality is not bad but it seems as if the ghosting is worse. Tried Elite Dangerous and Assetto Corsa and it definitely seems more pronounced…
Yaw tracking drift also seems better.


Interesting you & @CReDo have opposite results.

I would recommend comparing settings to see whats different.


The first test, I
just put the headset on the table and there was no drift, and when I
used it the drift appeared and it is much stronger than it was before


Worse ghosting, worse image quality in assetto corsa and project cars in 1.2.91 (Vs 1.1.92).
Same drifting or maybe worse.
Gtx 1080, win 10, i7 6700k


What’s wrong with 1.2.91, my pimax just went black, monitor displayed VR instead.


Add Nolo ceiling mount support. Add Nolo ceiling mount support. Add Nolo ceiling mount support. Add Nolo ceiling mount support.


I’ve got huge drift with Nolo, need to recenter all the time.


Sooo, 1.2.89 is good and now 1.2.91 is a step back again?


I feel 1.2.91 is slightly better than 1.1.92 in terms of image quality. The performance is also way better than other 1.2.x versions, finally being able to go past 1.5x supersampling (using 2x now). That said, I don’t feel any difference between 1.2.91 and 1.2.89.

I usually test by trying to read the warnings on the instrument panel of the Cesna in Aerofly. I’ve never been able to read every single warning until now. I do feel more ghosting though, but I have the shutters removed.


This is the one feature we’ve needed since day 1 of the nolo driver release for pimax. I’ll add this a (5.1) to the Wish List.