Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


All good thanks, I do and it’s tracking now.

Getting the comfort right with the basic strap plus Davobkk’s headstrap is the next step, trying to keep the pressure off my nose and cheeks!


Wasn’t 112 got pulled 2 days after the release? Or is this the new revised version?


Sean I think said skip after someone experience an issue. But still available & many seem to find it working good


Thanks! 20202020202020


Not sure what you mean by this. Could you elaborate?


He probably mean 100% usage in the graphics card.


Windows Task Manager showed, despite turning off Steam VR, that the consumption of GPU reached almost 100% (I do not remember exactly, it was something around 94%.).
Leaving PiTool also did not help. I had to manually kill all Pimax processes.
This problem only occurred once.


Has anyone checked the operation of smart smoothing in DCS on version 112? I read one opinion earlier that the times of generating the frames of both the CPU and the GPU increased, and therefore I did not install 112.


i think you saw that on my post.
Went back to 111 but still unplayable for me.
Also had an issue with 112 with controllers not working properly in steam Vr overlay (trigger issues).


Still using 112 here without issue. I am using One Basestation and Xbox One gamepad - played plenty of games.


I can confirm everything he’s saying about the task manager stuff


Not me, because I like to know when the software is needed because it’s such a resource hog unfortunately. I’ll def admit that some games like pavlov I used to play a lot but not as much Amy,ore because I don’t feel like restarting Pitools, steamvr and the hmd


Interesting. I mostly play 1 game: Elite Dangerous. When I’m not gaming, I’m not running PiTool or SteamVR and I have remote power switches for my basestation and headset. Those devices are off, unless I’m playing a game.


Someone mentioned that Pavlov beta doesn’t need PP.


Today I did comparative tests for beta 111 and the last 112 for DCS World. I left all settings the same. In the game I choose Instant action -> F / A-18C Hornet -> Free flight on the map of the Caucasus. From the tests I did something completely different from what I had read here on the forum. Generation times for GPU and CPU have dropped slightly! :slight_smile:

I think it’s a very good sign. I only miss that smart smoothing works better. DCS is probably the best tester. The small elements in motion behave very poorly - they split out, a double vision arises, eg when passing a plane it is very easy to see, and this makes it difficult to track the target and makes recognition difficult. I hope that the programmers have DCS World at hand and can test their solutions on it - because it’s bad at the moment. At such times, generating frames on the Samsung Odyssey Plus at 45 fps was almost perfectly smooth. I hope it is only a matter of time for Pimax programmers.


I just installed the 111 to check FFR on Project cars 2. It makes a good difference. It allows to turn MSAA from medium to high ! I hope it will keep improving !


I noticed that with version 112 pi_server.exe constantly consumes some CPU, even when HMD is off and not in use. As a workaround I am going to make PiServiceLauncher a Manually started service, and will update my game launch scripts, but I think such a CPU use needs to be looked at. I guess service is polling for device connection that is not necessary - there should be ways to get notified when HMD is powered on and sleep until then.


Which headaet did you receive?


5k (20 characters at least)


Awesome my bad backer or pre order?