Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Parallel seems to be buggy in this version


Bitdefender is telling me this version is behaving as ransomware, encrypting files.
It has blocked pitool entirely, so i dont even have it on my system now lol.
Anyone else have this?


Bitdefender did put a group of Pitool files in quarantine when I tried to start the Unreal Paris demo. Pitool 109.


It thinks pitool is being naughty lol


Heheh, yeah. Mostly like false positive by Bitdefender.


Okay weird have to check mine but thought it only updated to 418 on mine. But will need to verify as haven’t updated since 103/109… Not home atm to check.


I just use Windows Defender & have no issues reported save 109 is not Signed so came up unknown Author.

But in fairness my Windows PC has very little on it to be compromised & not used for random surfing or purchases. My Penguin(Linux) PC is used for anything I want safe & secure.


419.35 driver released today. it apparently fixed cpu spiking


Nice info. I’ll try them. Hopefully the APEX issue is fixed


So what is the consensus New version better than. 103. ??
Or should I play it safe and stick with what is working??

And. When I do upgrade to new version I should unplug the headset download the new version re-boot then plug-in the headset for film where flash. ?


Bitdefender 2019 is blocking everthing even windows frame works and steam vr app. Their deep core protection level is so high that your PC become to be useless. Unistalled this piece of problematic crap 3 months ago and using win 10 protection. So far so good…


As a general precaution I Reccommend installing new version with headset disconnected. Reboot. Reconnect headset & let firmware update.

Also if required install new GPU driver first.

Some have no problem without these steps.


Question on Brainwarp 5k vs 8k
I tried a low demanding game in order to figure the differences between Hz rates and Brainwarp. For that I took The Lab
One of Pimaxs’ strong suits, despite the many many flaws, is not only FOV. The biggest surprise for me is how it handles games with low fps, that are actually playable which I’ve never would have thought. (they would not be playable at such low fps with other HMDs, which are not as demanding though therefore being less of a problem)

So the Lab

90Hz 90fps no problem
72Hz 72fps no problem
even 45fps (brainwarp kicked in due to fps dropped even below 45fps)on 90Hz no problem, which is a surprise
36 fps on 72Hz though was unplayable
So I conclude that the “sweet-middle-spot” that decides if a game is playable is between 36-45 fps. Which is very impressive and helps a lot with performance concerns. (I still don’t know why though)

Since the 8k is on 80Hz I wonder if for example, The Lab is also still playable on 40fps? (let’s say 38fps BWed to 40)


I noticed this too, in Elite Dangerous. The first time I played ED with my 8K, I couldn’t get fpsVR working and the game seemed a little laggy, but it was playable. I played it for 3 hours. The next time I played, with fpsVR, I discovered the framerate was 22-30 fps (and it was still playable). I was shocked. After tweaking, my framerate is 70+ fps and the game is smoother, but low fps rates seem more playable on a Pimax than on a flat screen monitor.


Installed 111. No firmware update. Did have popup saying some .dll file was in use (pi tool was not running) Had to stop piservice (recommend installer to kill any Pi services that are running) to continue.
FFR causes Fallout 4 to pixelate so I have to turn it off.
SmartSmoothing working good. Did not notice any white/blue artifacts this last hour play session though game seemed to be running a little lower FPS than 109.


Are you already on the latest NVIDIA driver @dogbite posted about?


Yes. the one released today. I updated to them before installing 111


A little more testing with x-plane 11 today on latest drivers and pitool. The two issues previously mentioned are definitely not connected.

  • blue lines visible on the outside edges of the lenses. This is connected to brainwarp smart smoothing.

  • the flickering geometry and disappearing rendering on the periphery. This is connected with using the parallel projection compatibility mode.

With all the negativity and frustration on the forum it’s worth saying well done to Pimax. The lack of judder in this beta version at 36fps (72hz) is a really good improvement over 109.


Good idea as the previous Nvidia driver was garbage. Had me considering a system reset/re-install which is saying a lot for a lazy bugger like me ))

Downloading the new driver now, will install it and the latest PiTool and see how things go from there. Anymore eGPU blowup’s and I will scream.


How much size does it use? I have free 18GB on my drive c: