Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


I think this may have something to do with the problems people are having with motion simulators (motion cancellation and telemetry as well):

I wonder if this is all connected?

pitool should just be handling the headset and controllers and all that should be passthrough steamvr, ie. firmware for the controllers etc are handled there.


for those who were on 109 and had stuttering problems has updating fixed that?


What do you mean by stuttering exactly? I had judder (a double image) in positional tracking when leaning from side to side on 109. It’s gone on 111.


When ever I moved my head in 109 instead of moving smoothly with me it would stutter almost like your rapidly shaking your head while turning


The stuttering when moving your head with .109 has been completely fixed in .111. At least in my favorite sim (IL2)

Update: was getting zero stutter when turning my head with Pitool .111 and Nvidia 419.17. After updating to Nvidia 419.35, I’m getting a small amount of stuttering again.

I think 419.17 was causing CPU spikes for some people, but since that hasn’t happened in my case, 419.17 is what I’m sticking with for now.


Same here…


I have the same problem with 111.


Installed new pitool now after new nvidia driver update. Really good :+1: in rfactor2 everything is much more smooth now, fps is really rock solid now (tried dtm at hockeneim in the rain and gt3 at fuji). I choose 72 hz and with ss I have 36 fps ever with aa4x detail in average medium pitool 1 steamvr setting 80% normal fov. Still remain some stuttering in the mirror of the car and unfortunately need reprojection flagged to avoid the “double image” problem, but I think pimax devs are going in the right way :crossed_fingers:


I haven’t got any stutter with 111 and pimax 5k

I’ve surprised too with the pimax’s performance with low frames. Yes, it’s not sweet how you got constant frames but it’s still very playable.

With vive and oddisey when you go down from 90s frames it’s a lot more noticiable

  • judder in positional tracking (double image) when moving head from side to side.

I get this so badly it is bordering on unplayable. Only getting it since the beta Brainwarp versions have been coming out - didn’t get it with the version prior to those.


Anyone have a problem with parallel projection and raw data?


Can clearly see an improvement with 111, Onward no stutter / Assetto Amazing but can not get DCS to run without stutter.



Installed the updated Nvidia driver and together with .111 this is really good!
I feel like it was the smoothest of all versions, I was blown away


Are you guys still changing scaling in Nvidia,
Also, hidden mask area wasn’t meant to be removed from Pitool ?


I don’t modify it. it is “not scaling” by default


Nicee! will try it now


Not seeing hertz option anymore.
Will restart.

Edit : Fixed with reboot.
But DCS still runs like crap, like stuttering when turning with aircraft.
Tried every brainwarp modes with without PP / Steam Vr 20/100 / DCS SS minimum to max.
Not running anyoverclock and tried with.
16Gig 3000 DDR4
1080 ti ftw3


i don’t know what you’ve done, but it’s getting so much better now! with the new driver and beta version
Distortion on the edges is much better, i can eliminate it now with the facecushion filling it up on mij cheekbones so the headset is more straight on my head not resting on my nose.
Tracking is smooth now, i had problems after loosing tracking in steamvr everything became stuttery untill a game was started, it’s gone!
I don’t now what has happend but ED is starting to shine, less shimmering and much sharper, the only thing its not buttersmooth yet


Hidden Mask option removed?


Nvidia must have changed default setting; i had to change it in past as it’s default was something like aspect ratio.