Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Did not try that yet as heard it render area we don’t see so should be kept on and should not even be in Pitool.
But hell who knows right …??? :joy:
I will give it a try thanks :call_me_hand:t4:


Yeah @StonebrickStudios gave us the explanation on what it is and thst it is typically a Dev option.

But can be good for added compatability in a program. Just be sure to let program dev to know of the issue as he said the program dev owness to fix issue.


@Jean-Mehdi I don’t know what the DCS guys are doing but, they should really invest in pimping there engine for performance in VR - I have rather good rig ( so I thought) but no chance getting DCS smooth- even in my Odyssey :disappointed_relieved: it’s a pain in the …


I have a strange problem with the current stable pitool and this beta. With large-FOV I have in elite and il2-bos (other games not checked) a strange trembling/vibrating in a width of several pixels so that it becomes blurred. Another guy with the 5k+ observed the same in euro truck simulator. With normal FOV the problem does not occur.


Instead of rebooting your computer you can just reboot the headset (button on bottom right of HMD tab).


Anyone tried blade & sorcery with the new beta?


I’m a 2080ti owner. I have tried FS2 aerofly and FFR doesn’t work. What a disappointment!! With Asetto Corsa it works. I notice a little bit different the inner part in the right screen but difficult to notice if you don’t close the other eye. Performance improves.
I’ll try in the weekend with DCS.


I have a 2080 ti and in assetto, with ffr agresive i lost about 20 frames. Whith the other options i haven’t got any improve


I saw a frame drop (on my 2080 non-Ti), which defeats the whole purpose of FFR. What I noticed is that when FFR is enabled, the outer area of the view have more jaggies and pixel aliasing (but it’s fairly subtle most of the time).


I tried it for the first time in a while (due to grip issues) and it seems good to me. Quite a fun game


Does the menu button work(pulling out the book)?


I ve got an issue with the FFR in Elite Dangerous: Right Screen is ok with the FFR working well, But the left screen is totaly blured by the FFR.


Assetto Corsa works and well with Smoothing and Balanced Foreated Rendering. I was using no AA in it but with a Steam Render Target of 3434 x 3024 which works well.

Il2 BoX not so good still with Smoothing be it in bright lit scenes (sun shining where you are looking) or forward with propeller spinning. Both instances creat slight image distortions with Smoothing engaged.

On the flip side, with PiTool update, new Nvidia Drivers, and a Windows 10 update, my eGPU issues are resolved (although not sure if turning of Windows Magnifier helped there too) and I easily can run Balanced Il2 Setting with Render Target at 3434 x 3024. I also was able to run a render target of 4905 x 4320 at playable 30+fps on the Kuban Map which previously has been unheard of. This with Foreated Rendering at Balanced but with no Smoothing.
Not sure also if the new update of Il2 BoX helped too as they are advancing VR every update so it seems making it a better and better experience every update they release.

DCS guys who like WW2 planes should really look in on Il2.


I already got IL2 for that reason- just really love my DCS planes but damn doesn’t help if you can’t play it.
Tested Skyrim- often really good FPS with the new pitiool and driver update. FFR is nice, the Stars at Night do start to twinkle a lot in the area of the FFR at day it’s a cool feature you can clearly see it work but if you get used to the effect happening it is ver subtile. Also experimented with Hz to see what it can do, I was quite amazed how smooth the experience is even if it goes to 45 or 36hz - with the Odyssey that will be very unplayable, with the pimax and the Brainwarp it feels damn good! Nice Job!
When I started I did notice a few „black outs“ like a short moment the hmd seemed to get dark - but that stoppet after a while ( I did fiddle with setup, but no I des if it was the game or the HMD).


Really surprised too with hz modes, actually flying DCS @64hz and feels really smooth.


in Elite Dangerous and Il2-Bos no antialiasing works in the pimax. With my lenovo Explorer the aliasing can be removed completely by raising the steamVR-SS and ingame SS. This was the case in all pitool versions so far.


Upgraded from .109 to .111 beta. Latest NVidia driver v419.35. i7-9700k & 2080 ti.

When using .109 I would get stuttering rotating my head left and right. I was using Elite Dangerous in Normal FoV with Smart Smoothing disabled and 90 Hz refresh rate. I was getting 80-90 fps. Pitool quality 1.0. SteamVR super sampling 100%. HMD quality 0.85 in the game.

I did not have a lot of time to test, but this issue appears to be fixed with the .111 beta! I made note to try it before and after the upgrade looking specifically for this. I kept the settings the same so it looks like it was a problem with the .109 version.

I have not yet tried FFR.


Would .111 beta be fine to use for initial setup or should I use .91?


Does anyone who is playing sims like DCS or IL2 have the same stutters that I see: when rolling the aircraft and looking to the side, I have heavy blur and stutters of the moving landscape.
This is with Smart Smoothing enabled and in all 3 screen refresh modes, even when having stable fps (with SS not enabled I have stutters all over the place, especially in DCS, because I can’t reach the necessary fps). - 6700K, 1080Ti


If your using an i5 6700 your cpu might be causing some of the stuttering. But eeoulf need others to weigh in on it. I hsd an i5 6500 & it was causing heavy aliasing & steam only reccommended something like 16% SS in Video with pitool at x1.0 FoV Normal.

After upgrading SteamVR rec 40% on the 1080ti. (Overkilled UG r7 2700x). Aliasing was fixed as well. A friend of mine thst owns a business Building High end PCs. Reccommends 6 cores (threads) for 4k VR(&4k high fps overall).