Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


DCS is a complete CPU hog when using VR with poor/no multi threading. I have an I7-8700k OC@ 5.1GHz (using an Odyssey+) and it will bounce off one of the cores and FPS will dip below 45 while my 2080TI is GPU is running 45% load. I find it to be worse near cities or lots of ground targets. There is a whole procedure for helping to improve perf around turning off HT and setting process affinity for DCS and the VR renderer to help get the best utilization. Maybe an I9 is in my near future.


Go to 111 imo. It’s smooth and has more features


Any news about Brainwarp 2.0? The one that “doubles” refresh rate? @Sean.Huang


I run DCS VR at 1, SVR app at 100%, SVR video at 40%, PTool at 1.5 at 72 refresh, game texture high but most things dialed back. Runs about 40-45 fps and smooth.
I do most of my flying alone as a study sim so not a lot of activity slowing things down. It actually plays much smoother than my Rift did at 1.5 and looks better. As a chopper and prop job fan this is playable for me.

Il2 running and looking good with similar set up except running PTool at 2
The sense of speed on the deck is very nice in both sims.

Also running Assetto Corsa at PT 2 and man this is my favorite race sim. Smooth as butter.


You guys bought the steam version of DCS?
If not how are you launching it from Steam?


Running the non-Steam version here and launch from the DCS launcher.


I’m on the steam version. I think I’m running 220% SS on my odyssey+, with PD 1.0 in game. At the end of the day mucking with the two values is just giving you some multiplier to get your final resolution. I even have 2x MSAA on and still have plenty of GPU overhead to spare. I did notice a bump in perf dropping Visible Range down to High. On Caucasus if I fly out East away from the cities, I get a solid 90fps. Something is just broken in the DCS main render loop. Also I hear different aircraft give different video perf. I prefer to fly the hornet but it is on the crappier side of the scale for perf.
My 5K+ will be here tomorrow (fingers crossed). I’ll do some comparative testing once setup.


Thing is, I didn´t ask, because the whole game (Il2, DCS) is unplayable because of stuttering and because of my system being too weak.
If I can hold 32/36/45 fps with the corresponding refresh mode in PiTool, the game play (in IL2 and DCS) is smooth in general. Only situation where I get in trouble is the rolling maneuver and then looking to the side. The landscape then is moving in stutters up or down and gets blurred. This can best be seen, when looking at the horizon line, which doesn`t move smooth up or down. Looks like a kind of warping. Stopping rolling and just flying the turn without left/right input on the stick, and everything is smooth again. It is only that rolling thing in both, IL2 and DCS.


Just a note on DCS for those playing it on the latest .111 Beta wanting smooth, stutter free performance while using Pitool Smart Smoothing.

  1. Set Nvidia Control Panel “Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames” = 3
  2. Set Nvidia Control Panel “Power management mode” = Prefer maximum performance
  3. Set Pitool “Compatible with Parallel Projections” = OFF
  4. Set Pitool “Hidden Area Mask” = ON
  5. Set Pitool “Smart Smoothing” = ON & Refresh Rate to 72Hz
  6. Use DCS 2.5, start with the in game “VR graphics preset” as a base and work from there

Also Set Pitool rendering to 1.0, SteamVR to 0.75 to 1.0 and ingame SS to 1.2. Ensure MSAA is off.

When above 36fps (which is 90% of the time, the game is acceptably smooth for me). Only if the frames drop below 36 will things go wrong and this would only be low level in a city with objects etc turned up too high.

Edit: my system spec FYI, i7 5820k@4.3Ghz, 16gb 2666mhz, 1080Ti@1950mhz


Thanks Andrew,
I have all that done, except points 3 and 4. I used “Compatible with Parallel Projections”= ON, because otherwise the VR-zoom doesn`t work properly in DCS.
Tomorrow I will change those two settings in PiTool and see, if it helps. Thanks again!


Note that item 1 “Set Nvidia Control Panel “Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames” = 3” will introduce lag, so only set it if you have to.


I just gave DCS a try - damn it was one of the best VR DCS Moments!
I had it at 1.0 Pi, Steam 120, 72hz Normal FOV, Aggressive FFR. (Steam Resolution “Mod”).

What really amazes me ist how it goes with 72hz and BrainWarping to 36FPS and still is very smooth!
I found it quite playable - or better said I will now play it after a long long wait to get DCS a go in VR.
@SweViver - since you where into DCS, might want to check it out again.

Same goes for IL2 but at the moment both run quite equal and I am more into DCS: Skyrim already was very nice.
I am really happy with the way this is going - since most apps (or Hardware) wont manage 90+fps this is really something !

Edit: Side Note: I also tried VorpX again (Would love to see Star Citizen in VR) its fun to walk around but still not very playable as it seems VorpX is not benefitting on the new adjustments and still SC is in it just as a “Experimenting” base.


Yep, similar experience with DCS and Il2. Brainwarp working fairly well.

Speaking of @SweViver anyone know where he is? He hasn’t posted a vid in 2 months. Hope everything is OK. I was looking forward to a 2nd dummies video based on all that has happened since his last one.


Thats nice, I tried the Brainwarp in Arizona sunshine and… not happy, stuttery and artifacts. It might depend on the game though. I rather try to get 70+ FPS real frames.

He did post some videos a week or two ago.


The last video I see on Youtube is 2 months old. Where did he post?


He’s going through a “rough patch”.

Here’s a link to more info… SweViver's status


if i set parallel projection to off i get double picture when Zooming :thinking:


I close my left eye when zooming in DCS. Not ideal, but I don’t think the additional cost of PP is something I can afford.


Very good thinking :face_with_monocle::joy:


Owner 2080ti. FFR doesn’t work on FS2 or DCS. We really need FFR in flight simulators. They are very demanding in VR. I can’t play DCS because I have like 2 white areas-masks in my screens.
FFR works in Asetto Corsa but I don’t know how much performance improves.