Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0

Beta Test Release link:



Release notes:

What’s New:
1.Add color contrast and brightness adjustment (Beta function)
2.Add the function of IPD offset adjustment (when physical IPD adjustment is unable to continue anymore, try to use this function, Beta function)
3.Support Knuckles controller
4.Update Nolo controller support (Support latest NOLO_UPDATE)
5.Support Oculus v1.35
6.Added the “Restart Service” option in the “HMD” tab

Issue Fixed:

1.The helmet can’t be connected due to the long enumeration time of USB devices in computer
2.Some graphics card which do not support 5K Plus+90Hz can not be connected to the headset.
3.Exceptionally high memory occupancy by piservice.
4.FOV become smaller when AMD graphics card adjusts IPD.
5.OC game - Lucky Tale 's picture height is not right.
6.Modify the method of closing the screen and brightening the screen after the helmet is immobile for a period of time to repair the occasional problem of inability to wake up after sleeping.
7.Incorrect rendering model of locator
8.Incorrect display of individual base station location when there are more than two base stations
9.Some headset adjust IPD will flash black picture.
10.Excessive display of some OC games.
11.Collapse of Pack Services on Non-20xx Graphics Cards and the Unusable Smart Smoothing.

1.Optimizing Smart Smoothing Effect.
2.Optimizing the smoothness of the picture when adjusting the IPD.
3.Optimizing AMD Card Stability of Connection.

This is a Beta test Release not a formal release, only for test.
Please leave your feedback to this thread, and we will review, fix and improve it!
Tks to support Pimax!

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This is great news! A lot of people have asked for these functions.



Yeah, please try them and kindly give us feedback, tks!


Awesome Sean & nice changelog!


Is Smart Smoothing adding more than one frame now? 2 or 3 frames being added?


IPD offset is amazing really !!!
nice job
i wonder if i could adjust view in RF2 with PP, looks like lot of headroom to play with :slight_smile:


Amazing job as usual, thank you for the continued updates! I’ll make sure to test it this weekend.


Great job guys! Looking forward to trying it out! I have a suggestion though, can you implement distortion adjustment sliders for the vertical and horizontal distortion? Sort of like Distortionbuddy for the Vive? I have a feeling it will help, if not fix entirely, many people’s distortion issues. Thanks!


nolo vr works well.
But there is no vibration of the controller in beatsaber


-when launching games from Pitool, steam Vr does not start but game is still in Vr.
only tried DCS so far.
-Smart Smoothing still not working for me, a bit better than before ( how many frames is SS adding ? )
-no eye strain at the moment.
-brightness and contrast adjustment are really good implementation but looks like contrast does not affect colors on 5k+, it does like brightness but stronger.
Amazing work guys

Any idea on when ffr will be available for 10xx series ?



Hi Sean,
Can you please advise if this beta works on the 4k as well?




most likely should work. Because it is unlikely that they will make a new piplay for pimax 4k and make it common for all pitool. but how exactly it will work no one knows. I tried the version of the pitool 102 I had a monitor with glasses on … testing today maybe this is some kind of mistake was only in that version


Hello Sean. Here’s Feedback.

I’m using Fallout 4 VR with PP on (as required) on Windows 10 with a 1080ti and i7-6700K with 32gb RAM and an SSD Drive.

-Smart Smoothing ALWAYS (all versions of Pitools including this new one) shows as “Inactive”. I’ve tried 90 and 72hz on this new Pitool so far (and 64hz on previous Pitools). I’ve tried Large and Normal FOV (and Small on previous Pitools). Either the indicator is broken or I’m not getting smoothing.
Nothing makes Smart Smoothing show as “Active”.
-Turning FOV to “Large” removes the Refresh Rate option.
-It’s odd to have 2 Brightness options, the old Low/Normal/High dropdown and the new left/right slider bars. Are they additive?
-The brightness and contrast options are great! Especially that they can be used live, without restarting anything. They seem to both be having a very similar effect, but perhaps I need to try them out more.

Something seems better about the image. I can’t tell if it’s just me wishing so strongly for 2 or 3 extra frames to be added to Smart Smoothing, which I desire very much.

Thanks for the new version and the detailed changelog.


-Turning FOV to large does not remove refresh rate option on my mine, can still chose between different modes.
-Smart Smoothing does show as active for me when kicking in (DCS/RF2/ONWARD).
Did you perform a clean instal, uninstalling Pitool and deleting all Pitool/Pimax folders ?

Would also be very happy with 2 more frame in Smart Smoothing :slight_smile:
But i am sure that it is much harder than it sounds soo once again Kudos Pimax !!!


Tks for your motivation :blush:


@Sean.Huang: You forgot to mention that You also added the “Restart Service” option in the “HMD” tab so people no longer need to restart PiServiceLauncher the hard way :wink: Thanks! :slight_smile:



It’s true, my fault, i have added on the list, tks for your reminding.
Hope you like this useful function.


I do… Thanks a lot… :+1::nerd_face:


Awsom news. Lots of new stuff to play in this Pitool version. Thanks Pimax team. I hope FRR will work now with RTX cards and popular sim games. Going to test that Today…