Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Nice to be able to set the bright and contrast. In aseto c. FFR working but the inner part of the right screen is pixelated. Smart smoothing and FFR work in that game.


It happened ever since steamVR added motion smoothing after 1.1.3 and broke revive compatibility. Supposedly revive is getting fixed i heard.


Did you mean SteamVR 1.1.3?


This version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QGS8v36mrh7COTDNgDv2fLW1H1LF4Eve/view


great update pimax.

love the color contrast adjustments. you can really tell when watching a movie how much better it is compared to before. looks really awesome.

with a bit of adjustments the colors are much much more vibrant.
couldn’t be happier.


Keep in mind this is the Beta Branch the Official once ready will likely have fixes based on feedback & testing.


I found my Dirt Rally error wasn’t related to this beta @Sean.Huang but my own changes to admin rules (Revive wasn’t loading :grinning:).
Dirt Rally looks great with the new controls. The added punch to colors it makes much nicer.


So dirt rally now works well again? What version of revive and steam are you using?


I am using SVR 1.1.3 and Revive 1.6.3


Very strange, if i put 72Hz mod and activate Smart Smoothing i can clearly see my FPS dropping to Half refresh rate in this case 36 FPS.
Still the game is unplayable with Smart Smoothing on.


I hope so. I’m looking forward to seeing that.


To clarify, I never said that it was working well. My reponse was directed to Pimax and this beta. I did say it was looking good.
With the need for Revive, Smoothing and an older Steam VR there is just too much bandaid fixes for the physics to be right.
I drove a 74 Celica GT for 10 years and in the Rift DR is close as dam is to swearing. I will keep my Rift just for this.


Since the update my hmd is sometimes not recognized after user login, the error number was 30000 if memory serves.
Restarting PiServiceLauncher helped, restarting the service from PiTool is inaccessible when the hmd is not properly connected.
This wasn’t an issue with .109 or .112 otherwise great. :+1:


Is it me, or PiTool still doesn’t save the settings of Smart Smoothing or FFR at exit?


I have the exact same issue in Iracing with the .121 beta.
When i look at the framecounter it shows 90 fps then after a few seconds it drops to 45 fps (smart smoothing set to 90hz).
Then up to 90 fps then down to 45 and so on…

So the frames are always changing from 90 fps to 45 fps.

Does someone elese have this problem?


Too many negatives over positives for me to upgrade (downgrade probably) so I’m happy with my mega old version for now.


I’m really happy with this driver. I tested brightness/contrast for a while now and my first impressions were, these sliders are just some gamma sliders with different offsets, but obviously the contrast slider does a lot with colour contrast. So in SkyrimVR you can do alot with these and ENB settings afterwards. So i’m building a preset with the PiTool sliders and fine tune in ENB settings to get it optimal.
To show what the sliders do, i made some agressive settings and took some S8 shots.
Sorry for scanlines and lightbleed.

TESVVR Screens_contrast/brightness_slider

Contrast 0 / Brightness 0

Contrast 3 / Brightness 0

Contrast 3 / Brightness -3

Contrast 0 / Brightness 0

Contrast 3 / Brightness 0

Contrast 3 / Brightness -3

Contrast 0 / Brightness 0

Contrast 3 / Brightness 0

Contrast 3 / Brightness -3

The last indoor cell shots make it pretty obvious and show how colour contrast can overdo it. Colour temperature changes a lot here. Strange that it does that when lowering brightness. But its doing it only when having a positive contrast slider setting at the same time.
Colour and contrast were really milky some times in dark scenes, but with this driver version its just awesome. Thanks! really good work.


its not an issue it is how its works, when SM kicking your fps show 45 , when scene is less demnading you see stable 90


Hmm maybe i am going bonkers but all please keep an eye out for the new added options values not sticking.

Contrast and per Eye Brightness

fired up the HMD for a bit of elite and during my play today I thought hmm something is not right. After i cranked the 2 values around with ED running, then the great display i got on original install was back.

Update: I cam confirm some values are not sticking for sure. Like it takes a bit for the vibrant colors to kick in. Last night played ED for an hr i knew it was not as sexy as orig install but after time was up when i got back to my main station, I knew then it popped back in. I made a mental note in outfitting for my Mamba the ship was vibrant red. I just now hopped in and the saturation is back on like previous release


Yes, same problem here but it’s rare and there is kinda easy fix:
Constant switching between eg. 45/90 or 40/80 happens if SM “can’t decide” to kick in or not
because you may be in sort of bad-spot in terms of fps.
In thast case just up SS for a tad so it’s gonna stay on SM just to be safe.
Or you can try to lower SS in order to play without SM.

If it changes sometimes during the game it’s no biggie but knocking that bad-spot where it almost constantly jumps is annoying, but as I said, It#s easy to fix.