Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Thx for the reply.
I already thought that is not normal because with the previous version of pitool as far I can remember I don’t had this issue.

Will test it tomorrow.


Which headset did you receive? & backer or pre order?


Hello, could you please fix the compatibility of

[Pitool 1.0.121 BETA FW 211 ]


[Pitool ]

with vfree gloves overlay?

None of your pitool versions and firmwares following [Pitool Beta FW 191] work :frowning:


@Heliosurge , sorry to bother you.

Do you have any headset firmware files associated to these pitool versions ?

  • [Pitool v1.0.1.95 FW 181]
  • [Pitool v1.0.1.91 FW 176 ]
  • [Pitool v1.0.1.84 FW 176 ]
  • [Pitool v1.0.1.76 FW 147 ]

I am having trouble to revert back to these pitool versions and I think the problem is the headset firmware not matching the version/s required for these pitools versions to work


Earlier Pitools have the firmware included. But to revert you will I believe need to run DFU manually & choose the firmware in that directory?

@IG88 haa experience with this. But keep in mind you will likely need to downgrade Nvidia Driver as well.


I see!
Thank for the reply!
Hopefully @IG88 has some sort of tutorial for doing what you said above


the firmware always comes with the pitool, you just install it and after that you can flash (downgrade) the firmware to the version you need from the intalled version (with dfu.exe from pimax folder)

if you want you can also use innounp 0.48 to unpack the pitool installer(s), the p2.dfu will be in “{code_PimaxDir}\Runtime\dfudriver”
i’ve unpacked them and keep them in a folder for comparing (like with what version ““maxRecommendedResolution”: 8192” was introduced into the changed defaults so we don’t have to change it manually)


Thanks! When i run dfu.exe , what folder should i select to find the firmware that comes with the pitool i am installing?


C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver\p2.dfu


Sorry u said it already above. Thank you so much!

For whatever reason the vrfree gloves are having issues with many of the latest pitool versions :frowning:
I am trying to figure out a version that has less issues.

So everytime that we install a pitool version , a related p2.dfu file is imstalled in the folder you mentioned?


Is there any way to figure out if my issue is with the new pitool versions or the new firmware versions that come with the new version of pitool installed ?


yes, even some pitool version had the same firmware like 109,111,112 all came with fimware 193, or 84,90,91 came with firmware 176, but the file is always in the pitool installer

after a new firmware a would restart the pimax service and reboot the hmd, i’ve seen sometimes weard color/line effects that always where gone after unpowering and restarting the software


This beta is working great for me. I’ve played about 9 hours of Elite Dangerous without a driver crash. I am not using Smart Smoothing or FFR, since I have a high enough framerate without them (72 Hz). I like the Brightness and Contrast controls; I’ve set brightness to -1 and contrast to 1.

I did see a weird issue last night. I often have trouble when I first turn on the headset and need to reboot it. Last night I saw something new: Every-other horizontal line was WAY different from the others, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. Rebooting the headset fixed the problem.


Thanks again! Do you have a list of what firmwares are compatible with each new pitool versions ?


no i did not test it all out, i just keep track of what firmware version comes with what pitool version


Some more feedback;

  1. The glitch of resetting the steam VR background/panorama is still happening in this beta update, just to inform you.
  2. when there is some medium/medium-high CPU lag (for instance in VRChat loading screens) the headset image can freeze for moments, as well as the headset tracking may start jiggling in a sort of “over compensation” of your small head movements when you hold your head still.

Tried out some adjustments of the contrast/brightness and it really does make the headset much better, glad to see this option!


Can you please share that list ?


Do you have to upgrade the pitool driver in increments or can I miss a few, ie, go from old version direct to this one?


5k+ Backer Headset, bought it from a friend


No, you can skip a few (or more).