Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


XPlane 11 does not work with this version. Please fix. Also looks like brainwarp does not always kick in with other games.


This is Great! Thanks and congrats Pimax team @Sean.Huang
This weekend I was playing with gamma, brightness, contrast and colors in Simple Vr video player (I didn’t see this update) and it was very similar to oled screens, and I was wondering when this update would be available, can’t wait to try it tonight!
RGB settings would make a huge difference with the rest of Vr headsets, that’s for sure!


@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Well…no it’s not, really.
Even not the 8k display which is not close but closer to OLED than the 5k.
But adjusting those new very welcome settings does a lot and improves the picture massivly.
You can’t compare the recent additional settings with those from videoplayers though, it’s not there yet but it’s a pretty good start.
I can less “foresee” the results in contrast to vid-player settings which makes it more of a hit and miss for now. I still have better results changing contrast and brightness in SPVR, Deo, Whirligig and more options like saturation, hue and sharpness. That is why I welcome those new options being able to use them alike in games as well.
With those recent new options a pitool VR overlay (preferably including a “save settings per game”) is going to be mandatory as every game needs different settings and the procedure to take the HMD on/off multiple times during a game is a bit of a hustle.


I like the update but is seem a little less crisp than previous versions in the sweet spot on my 5K+.


Check your IPD and offset settings.


This is caused by Smart Smoothing being enabled, turning it off will eliminate the visual latency.


We need hue/rgb settings for the 5k+ to reduce the blue levels…


PiTool v76 fw147
PiTool v84 fw176
PiTool v90 fw176
PiTool v91 fw176
PiTool v95 fw181
PiTool v103 fw191
PiTool v109 fw193
PiTool v111 fw193
PiTool v112 fw193
PiTool v121 fw211


Just an observation, default brightness now is not same as the old brightness on beta 111. At least not on low backlight level, gamma is noticeably different.


Hello everyone ! The problem that X-PLANE 11 has not been considered in the list of works with the new software, as thought to be solved and when?
Thank you very much


Thank you so so so much! Maybe this way I can track down what is causing issues with the vrfree gloves , the firmware or pitool or both.

Have u ever tried to use any different firmware with any of the pitool version above that is not as the list you made/what pimax matched ?


FWIW I have been running PiTool with FW v181 (from PiTool fine. This was because I originally installed PiTool .95 it upgraded the FW then had to downgrade the PiTool because of the artefacts, but kept the (newer) FW. I believe there are (were) a lot of people with the same config. Lately I believe the FW versions were mostly tied to the particular PiTool versions.


I have tested several times and tested the version of Pitool. The performance is not good at 121_R211_beta. I’ve tested it several times with Pitool The beta is not going well! The new features are really great but sometimes the games are much worse with the same settings. If I have at War Dust with the big FOV and the same settings 8ms … So I have in the beta 14-15ms. (sometimes more) If I change back to the standard version of Pitool, then it works very well again. With the beta bad!


Dropped about 4-5 fps in DCS with this beta in DCS. In Elite Dangerous, I notice a little judder that suggests a little lower fps as well.
Being a beta I’m not going to lose sleep over it and will persist as things hopefully improve, All the rest of what I play (except Dirt rally which is a lost cause for me) plays well enough.
I did notice that The Climb now shows full screen but game and menu are blurry regardless of what settings I turn on and off but in the previous beta in didn’t even show much beyond the triangles so getting closer there.


Fixes with software may need to be on both sides as is often the case at times with Game vs gpu driver.


Indeed Pitool 103 & newer may have issues with older pitools.

As with Newer Nvidia drivers may not work with older pitools.


Good update Pimax, I see you’re listening to us. :+1:


I been trying it out this new version all weekend, large FOV looks a lot better; more crisp and less balloon effect over objects, it seems like sweetspot is more bigger. The brightness and gamma are very cool addition to config. @Sean.Huang : I hope that you can add a option to control the front light , I do not like the light been blinking all the time when you have PP activated.

Good work, Pitool is getting better and better. :sunglasses: :beers:



Wish I could say the same. With smart smoothing on, IL2 crashes and the right screen does not light up. As soon as I take off smoothing and reboot the 5K+ both screen go into default Pimax screen as normal.