Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


In Aerofly FS2 settings, try changing the driver settings to use the Experimental Vulkan one instead of OpenGL default one. That made it work for me.


thx! http://download1653.mediafire.com/5c73a82vec5g/ajm61f414mmfdhd/NVidia+Geforce+Desktop+driver+430.00+WHQL+for+Win+10+x64+RS4%2CRS5+and+up.7z


Thanks 4 that :slight_smile:
Any benefit from using this drivers ?


@Raujok I don’t spread lies, I am spouting my ignorance though. Thanks for correcting me.


There’s more control over the visuals. I’ve decreased brightness by -1 and increased contrast by 1, which has noticeably improved the image in Elite Dangerous on my 8K.

I tried using the PiTool control to decrease my IPD. -1 looked quite a bit sharper, but gave me instant eyestrain. I played ED for a while with it set to -0.5, which was sharper (than the default of 0) and had a better 3D depth effect, but made me “feel small”. My pilot avatar had somewhat smaller skinny arms which were too far away to “feel real”. I got a headache after a while, so I went back to my normal IPD.


Yeah. I didn’t use my Pimax for a MONTH, but this new Pitool is a big improvement and I’m excited about VR gaming again.
Let’s see if cracks starts to appear :beers:

By the way @neal_white_iii are you using your real hardware IPD?


With ED i use the same -1 and 1(oops i see -2 2), i started with -4 + 4 in my enthousiasm now it seems to much.
I use my normal ipd on hardware +1 offet, the body scale is perfect and the depht in the cockpit seems really good, no eyestrain.
I enjoy playing ED a lot now on the 8k :slight_smile:


I might have miss understood but think he was referring to the Nvidia hotfix/430.00 drivers rather than pitool :wink:


So are we getting paid for this beta testing ? I already paid over £600 for the headset and honestly expect things to work!


are you getting payed for steamvr beta?
You bought an early device in development, didn’t you look into the forum before you bought it?
If you don’t like it you better stick with the common big brands.
I would like to add, Pimax does not have to add these features, but they listen to wishes from there community and deliver them. And you ask for money, pfffffffff how gratefull can you get


If you are referring directly to this thread/Beta pitool the clue is in the name. Lol if you “expect things to work” don’t use beta :wink:

If referring to the Pimax HMD in general see above from jeroen.


No one forces you to use the Beta. I’m still on Pitool 109 since it works Ok for me, it is the last release version I think. But if you have problems which new Beta features can fix then it is good to be able to get it sooner than it gets to official release.

VR is enthusiast technology so things will often not work out of the box (or sometimes not at all). With Pimax being first with big FOV you will face even more problems. That is the price you pay if you want to try the “future” today. Even so it works better than 3D-vision ever did and that was product from big established company (Nvidia).


Great tip thank you. That work for Aerofly. Now I just have to figure out why Il2 won’t run in the headset anymore and I’ll be good to go.


No, I am not a backer. I have pre-ordered a product which was and is advertised at the website as a fully working consumer product.


its fully working over here.


dirt rally and oculus rift games work well.
Frames come out better.
I’m still testing.


Owning a computer or a game console is often a beta.

For example the last Windows update had or maybe still does say to hold off on updating and it’s not a Beta update.

Wasn’t it EA Hardline or one of the Battlefields was broken at release?

Sometimes a gpu driver is broken causing folks to need to roll back the driver. Once the internet made updating easier the idea of fully functiining changed.

Rockstar however did a solid release on Red Dead Redemption 2 with a very solid release.


I am on Xplane 11…the update does not initiate the sim, so totally useless for me, sorry! … features are lovely though!


Doesn’t surprise me. Xplane 11 isn’t native VR. Il2 is also having this issue for me and ironically is was fine before and even in the beta initially. These non native VR titles are WIPS as are ther gpu drivers and Steam VR. All moving at their own pace.

The gpu guys break games on occasion and a “hotfix” is issued. Give it time and don’t use beta drivers. All the native VR titles I have work fine even with the beta.


Great work by pimax incorporating new features in the beta of pitools.

But we continue to notice an excess consumption of resources with respect to the .109 version.

I think the ideal would be to add the good of this beta version to the performance of the previous .109 version.

Already inform of the difference of consumption and is practicing the double… From about 7 to 10 ms we go to 15 to 20ms

It is not logical either that pimax leaves so many tasks open in the background consuming resources. Piservers etc…

The startup option of Pimax Home should be reviewed, as it is now. Nobody I know has it active. And I don’t find much sense in it.