Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


My perception on that Gino is that Pi-Home may be great for the general consumer. It gives you a fast opportunity to see what the HMD offers without having to boot up any of your favorite games. Granted i turned it off afterwards, I for one thought it was a wow moment when i first fired it up to get a view of the HMDs FOV hey. And you have the option to turn it off and On as you see fit.


XP11 is native to VR with in-game Laminar support!


Greetings !

My anti-virus software is detecting the Pimax’s file MagicAttach_x64.exe as infected by malware Atc4. As the file got neutralised, nothing works.
Anyone else got this or is it just me ?



My anti virus gave me a warning on that file too, don’t remember it saying infected though. As I felt it had come from a reliable source - took it as a false positive and added it to the exception list, then everything seemed to work well. Hopefully that wasn’t a dumb thing for me to do :blush:

Update - just noticed we both use bit defender, so they would make sense :+1:

MagicAttach_x64.exe is listed as a pimax executable on this link (for what that’s worth) https://www.advanceduninstaller.com/PiTool-971d6b458f88527ce9e64ebf6721410b-application.htm


Thanks mate! I was hoping someone would say that ! i’m not brave with that. :sweat_smile:


There are a lot of companies claiming native vr support that have added it into a non native title. For my part, native vr means built from the ground up as a vr app. As I see it there is a difference based on how soon (and how well) it was coded.
Laminar only recently added VR and I highly doubt they rewrote all the code.


Thank you Neal. I’m absolutely terrified of updating in case it all goes tits up.


Oh they do. I’ve the latest nvidia driver with old pitool and all is very well.


Cool remember that was a warning regarding older pitools was not to upgrade gpu driver. So good to know new gpu driver hasn’t broken old pitool support yet. Is the older pitool pre 103?



Unfortunatly for me the reboot of my computer didn’t fix it :’(
The only way I found was to reinstall previous pitool version (112)


Which Antivirus software is that? Might be a false positive didn’t have that with Windows AV.


I think it’s Bitdefender as I had the same thing happening yesterday: bunch of Pitool files was sent to quarantine, had to exclude and reinstall the Pitool.
@Sean.Huang @PimaxUSA anything you can do about that issue?


GeForce Hotfix display driver version 425.11 is based on our latest Game Ready Driver 419.67 (R418 release). This Hotfix driver addresses the following:
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Game crashes when accessing the inventory menu
Ark Survival Evolved: Fixes random crashes on GeForce RTX 20 series GPUs
Fixes corrupted graphics in games on ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS notebooksintroduced in driver 419.35

so not really any need for that


Good question. End of January ish.


I finally found out why Il2 Sturmovick wasn’t showing in my headset. The VR enable tick box in the game got turned off somehow. I am thinking a sticky mouse button.
This now means I am quite pleased with this driver/firmware update as all my games appear to be working well.
With the StudioFormCreative strap added to my DAS, Kuban is looking so sweet now that the Pimax stays in perfect position and the new Pitool offset can be dialed in perfectly to that position. Frackin aye! :grinning:


Bitdefender. That’s exactly what @TrevorVR said.


The end user COULD send the false positive files to Bitdefender, so they’d exclude them all together.
IMHo Pimax should do it.


Hi @Mich,

I also use XP11 and latest Beta PiTool is useless in this case.
I suggest you to use PiTool 109, It is stable and works quite well on all the titles I tested. What we do need to do is try to catch the error from X-Plane and upload it here or in the correct forum so pimax (@Sean.Huang ) will be able to pass this info and fix their driver/tool.



I believe it’s the same issue with Google Earth VR, isn’t it? It runs in the compositor but doesn’t show in the HMD.


That really saved not only my day but my whole Pimax life, THANKS for resolving that! To tell the truth, it was not an occasional problem for me, it happened EVERY time I put the Pimax down for longer than 60 seconds. I couldn’t go for a pee during an up to 3h War Thunder sessions without having to restart the system and loosing everything. Had tried everything before. Now I can rewake it anytime.