Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Yes, sound like it.
In one of the posts “X plane11 Pimax 5k+ no image” it mentions that a component is not detected:

0:01:23.972 I/OVR: This device does NOT have a proximity sensor.

That should give Pimax a clue what is wrong with this build, and I guess the same with other applications.


Agreed pimax is best to send needed info to AV as they have the info needed to have AVs to exclude properly as a known safe program.


Is there any word on Fixed Foveated Rendering for non-RTX cards? Couldn’t see it mentioned anywhere…


Which headset did you receive? Backer or pre order?


I believe it’s still being developed.


I think its a ED thing so when it looks too small in the pimax its spot on to all other headsets :smiley:


Yeah, the pilot has always felt 10% too small, but when I set my software IPD to -1, the pilot felt a lot smaller and the arms were an extra foot (.3m) further away on each side. Oddly when I tried a positive IPD, the arms didn’t seem to change from the usual position.


any way to set nolo on 360 celing mode plz how you can do that in pitool? i realy need this my room dont help i cant play in 180 because i have alot of staf in my room the only way for good is 360 but i never find how i can chance in pitool


You can set it to 360 mode with older versions of PiTool and older Nolo firmware with this registry key:
‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PiTool\nolo_display_mode’, change 0 to 1.
If you can’t get Nolo to track at all with older versions of PiTool you will need to ask Nolo support for firmware downgrade.


I have basketball size tomatoes in Skyrimvr :tomato::basketball::smiley:


ah i dont want old firmware is very bad so no new trick there for the new pittool;


Tracking works good, but not good compatibility for many games… they are either not detected by the game, or do not respond to buttons. they tell me what needs to be redone

  1. VR Detection: Driver=‘OpenVR’ Make=‘Pimax VR, Inc.’
  2. VR Detection: Driver=‘OpenVR’ Make=‘HTC’
    Where can I get these settings?


Nolo isn’t supporting 360 mode anymore so i doubt Pimax will…


Well I submitted the files to BD, let’s see if they do anything.


@Ghanth you can upload you .exe files to virustotal.com and check file over 66 antivirus software …

here is my check:

you can see its a unknown (maybe bad?) antivirus software… and all premium AV dont found virus…
also you can check the “informations”

you see the .exe file contains no repacker/binder, with other words, all looks clear and good


Yeah I think I’m not going to renew my Bitdefender subscription this year.


They better hurry up!


Don’t do it again at all… Defender on W10 is more than enough…


Wow. Some good updates here. The main issue that had concerned me had been blacks on the 5k+. Love the fact we will have control over contrast and brightness.


Agreed but like Linux & Mac support better to have it working well on the rtx first. (I am on 10series as well :thinking: )