Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Talking about connectors, did any of you used Nvidia Display Port firmware update tool ?


Done mine 2 weeks ago and was needed and update, since that i am not switching display port.


Hi all,

Just got my pimax XR OLED version Friday and been trying out this beta. Mostly good but with some big downsides too. Feedback below. :slight_smile:

  1. Please allow us to turn off the new permanent grey that you’ve added to stop ghosting on oleds. It’s horrific and defeats the point of having an oled! Much rather have ghosting like I’m use to in vive than have a permanent grey that massively shows up the screen door. Option please…

  2. Even with parralel projection and mask options on (and even small FOV) None of the google spotlight stories work. They load to blank screen with audio. Anyone else have this? On one of them, I did notice that when I looked below me, I could see the image slightly so seems my position is wrong maybe?

  3. Project cars 2, button to centre vr doesn’t work at all so I start races out of the car floating and also menus not visible :slight_smile: . Maybe all games think I’m in seated mode so that’s why I have issue 2 as well? How to fix that?

  4. I really hope all these options are aiming to be “attached” to launching a game via pitools so that we can set them once and forget about manually doing it.

  5. When choosing small FOV, do we really need the area at the sides to be coloured grey? Why is this not black? Is it because of the grey smear grey addition? It’s almost like saying “look, here’s what you are missing from your view because you are not using normal or large” :wink:

Apart from those, I’ve been enjoying my pimax XR. :slight_smile: but any advice on below would be great… Will also post this in general forum as new thread too as new user.

Suggestions for replacement foam. I definitely need thicker foam mask which is not only thicker overall but even thicker at bottom to make the angle better and push screen out as that massively reduces side distortions when doing so.

Is it normal or am I just not use to having the obvious binocular overlap areas which play tricks on the eyes sometimes (maybe not got Ipd right yet?). Also, I have a clear centre view till I move my head and then centre blurs… Maybe that’s an oled persitance issue?

It’s weird and frustrating how I can bring say text (from a book in game) I’m holding up to the either side of my face in the peripherals of my vision and see it super clear even say 5cm away but that at ranges closer than say 40cm the middle is very blurry so detail is lost in the most natural place to admire objects in my hand. Is that because Ipd is wrong? I’ve set it slightly lower than measured one but maybe the new software adjustment might help. It might also be that I need my glasses in there but scared to scratch screen till I get thicker foam. :wink: it’s the binocular overlap I think that is causing this.

Lastly, mine sadly arrived with not only one dead pixel but also what seems like two “blobs” on the screen that are way bigger than a few pixels and one is L shaped. Will have to send it back for sure for replacement.

Still, slowly getting use to it :slight_smile:


might be the same problerm as with google earth vr (also not working with .121beta - just image only in the window on the desktop and sound)

that option is in cue for a while now, we will see if and when the coders at pimax have time for that

i guess the whole oled panel is switched to keep the pixels on an minimum level? that would explain why unused areas are not black/dark

why?, some people had tried to compensate eye strain with lower ipd and thicker foam. i’d suggest to try the new ipd setting in pitool first
i’d try to keep the distance as designed (the standard foam suggests) as it defines the “eye relief” (eye to lens distance) and there is no option to change this value

i use double sided velcro for this, you can have an number layers between hmd and foam and try to find the right amount, its also not so wobbly as using more/thicker (soft) foam

with standard ipd setting i also kind of feel the overlap is not right, when redusing the ipd by software i get a better feeling about left and right eye overlaping in a way that i see one picture
there are also problems with the inner edge of the lenses that might add to this, things get compresse and ancompressed, vertical distorsion depending on how high the hmd sits on your heat (ridiculous high and it seem to keep the vertical shape), not sharp near the edge (in the same way as it is not sharp in the outer areas, as if the flat lens part has a different optical strength the the fresnel part), i wrote about that here

two things, first your glasses (i guess you are near sighted), i remember someone else writing the same
also when just using the the ipd wheel (without the new software ipd value) and you dial in your normal ipd the center of the lenses are ~8-10mm outside (idp 65, take off measure from lens center to lens center and its much wider then the ipd value you dialed in) - pimax never explained why they have done it that way, with the new software ipd you can try to compensate this, you dial in ~8 mm less the your ipd is (software ipd 0) and after this try to add ipd in software to apoint is near you real ipd (for me it comes to a little lower value when looking for a comfortable overlap feeling) - might not be a good choice to use the hmd that way but you can try, beside eye strain and feeling uncomfortable there are no lasting side effects :wink:

can you take a picture of that with our phone? (the pimax support might ask you the same anyway)

New owner of pimax XR. Few questions to experienced owners

With this last 121 beta lone echo is way too dark??


my only concern is the smart smoothing ghosting , otherwise this version is a huge step!

@Sean.Huang pls fix the ghosting with Smart Smoothing it was way better with the previous beta build and add a gameprofile manager


Thanks IG88 immensely for such detailed help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not back on my PC till tomorrow so hard to reply in line to this and to fully digest the information but will try these things out when I can and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

I’ll try and take a photo with macro option on phone, it’s not easily visible to naked eye from a distance but definitely there when close up. It’s almost like oil under the lense or where it came away from the panel a bit as it still transmits light. Anyway, will try a photo asap.

Again thanks!


if you don’t want to RMA it now you don’t have to, it just curiosity from my side (like one or the other here) to see different things that can be wrong
if you can’t remove it with a microfiber cloth then i guess only the pimax support will be able to help you get rid of it and as you are from europe i guess its best to wait a 2-3 month for pimax to have a local office or partner for repairs, as long as its not to distracting (i will try to wait for a fast local repair with my slowly braking housing, best if we know pimax found the source of the problem and fixed it)


has anyone tried using the ipd offset and setting it to -10 for games requiring PP? do they still not align and so we still need to turn on PP…?


Definitely will try and do a photo asap.

And will push for a swap, I tried the cloth that came with it and didn’t do anything. There’s a dead pixel close to it which makes me think it’s not a cluster of dead pixels.

Good idea about waiting for service centre but definitely will get it reported anyway.

Photo coming when I’m back near it in a day or so :slight_smile:


Wow, Bitdefender really doesn’t like that pitool download in the op link. Claims it behaves like ransomware and encrypted some files (couple of javascript files, may belong to the pitool itself.) Anyone else experienced this?


This thread is getting long - yes, a few of us further up, about post 362. Appears some earlier versions of Pitool had a similar issue too Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


To fix the transparency issue, go to NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Set “Antialiasing - FXAA” to “Off” and click Apply, then reload PiTool.


Personally I’ve never had any luck making things looking better by messing with hue unless it’s not subjective adjustments but color calibrating.


What does it mean?
I have Pimax 4K


thank you very much nice



why you use PiTool, if you read Pitool homepage you see this is only for Pimax 5k+ and 8k Series not for 4k.
PiPlay is for 4k.

You are here in the Pimax 8k Series sub forum… and VC = Visual C++ Redistributable


Microsoft vc redistributes.


Pitool is now supporting p4k better. Piplay hasn’t been developed in a long time. Doman.chen reccommended trying latest beta as it has p4k support.


in beta 121 added new drivers for NOLO VR


i noticed that in samsung odeyssey with their motion smoothing on