Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


I have the 5K+ BE. If you use a video player with some flashing bar calibration tools, you’ll see that no combination of brightness and contrast settings is ideal. They either crush blacks, or blow out whites. If you set both for optimal range, the image gets washed out.


By BE you mean Oled?


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i guess as the eyes can more easily focus on the panel (like when looking for pixel/sde) so it will be seen much “better”


Can anyone explain why I don’t have the FFR settings in my new PiTool? :roll_eyes:
Maybe they somehow need to include?


They’re only available on RTX cards (2000 series).


I have an i78770K and an o/c’ed 2080. I have not noticed any slowdown, but I only play Elite Dangerous.


A tool like USBtreeview (based on microsoft USBview tool) can help:


And on the GTX 10XX will the FFR ever be available, do not hear anything? :roll_eyes:


I’m pretty sure it’s a “maybe” for now. Right, @PimaxUSA?


“maybe” on which thing do you refer?


@Century’s question above.

I don’t remember what the context was, but I think I’ve read somewhere that You were looking into FFR for the 10-series Nvidia cards too, but I might be wrong of course :wink: I read or at least skim through all posts on this forum, so sometimes stuff gets mixed up :slight_smile:

EDIT: Come to think about it, I might also have heard it in one of Your interviews with MRTV or VR Roundtable? I believe You mentioned You have a 1080Ti Yourself?


As soon as each option becomes available in the baseline driver (from Nvidia and AMD) we look into exposing those capabilities in PiTool. Sometimes the degree of effort to expose a feature is quite high so they can take time. Sometimes we wind up with completely custom code as well.


Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.


True about exposing features in drivers. Even with the RTX cards Fixed Foreated Rendering is a hit and miss affair as far as stability goes. More work to be done to iron out the bugs.


Found out where I initially got the info from:


There are a couple usb tools in getting started. @PimaxUSA submitted a good one that gives latencies.


With Nvidia bringing Raytracing to 10series we should likely see other RTX features ported as well.


The BE model has OLED panels.