Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


I am a VR user because of Elite Dangerous mostly. I was very disappointed with the black levels of my Backer 8K. Tried brightness and contrast settings in this version and saw possibilities, but I know all about the drawbacks crushing whites and blacks.

Im my dissappointment of the 8K black levels I ordered a 5K XR OLED months ago. That arrived a couple of days ago. I was aware that in this PiTool, total black of the XR had been removed to counter black smear but the new 5K XR was still alot better than my 8K ofcourse being oled.

I wanted to see the true black and compare the motion smoothing to the older version so I installed .111 again. OH MY GOD!! That is blacker than any headset I have ever seen. Not even my Vive has those blacks. So please for the love of all that is dear to you Pimax, you must allow true blacks in the PiTool on the XR through an option. …and get that motion smoothing back to how it was in .111

Thanks for reading


You are right, the official build firmware delivers a scintillating image when using the XR headset for Elite Dangerous.


Pitool, Piserver , Piservice is now causing massive hangs on my PC at the moment. Anyone else getting this? Internet won’t load pages etc. PC runs fine when Piserver and Piservice are killed in task manager.


Yea the blacks with the old pitool are amazing on the 5kxr,but the blacksmear and ghosting is realy terrible…(unplayable for me)
If they could fix this it would be great,and also the image could be brighter on the 5kxr


I am stopping their services after playing game and starting right before. Yes, CPU use is pretty high which is not right for processes that should just sleep and wait for HMD to get connected.


is’nt that only the case when the option “Start Pimax VR Home” is active (the planet scene, without that its just a static picture with a pimax logo)


well, I am not using Home and hopefully will never be forced to. I’ve seen Pimax related processes consuming more than 0% of CPU even if HMD is off, which IMHO is not good.


“pretty high” is not really 0.x% cpu usage, >10% would be


I get high cpu usage (~20% extra) randomly when the steamvr is running with the Pitool, closing steamvr or sometimes just waiting resolves the issue.

I think @Sean.Huang must answertthis


above 0% (1%-5%) is unnecessary for process that supposed to be sleeping and consuming no resources at all.


You won’t get both things at the same time. It’s impossible. The black smear isn’t an issue for me in ED. As this is subjective and varies by game, the optimal solution will be to provide some control so that people can set the black level where they can live with the compromise.


Great! Which graphic card do you use?



It would be nice if the performance HUD from oculusdebugtool could work with the pimax.

This would provide very useful info to optimize framerate for games not run through steamVR (like dirt rally, or dying light, and I guess more to come).

Because no steamVR means no fpsVR also.

Atm the only workaround I found to have at least a fps counter for those games not running through steamVR is to use fps counter from steam (an option of steam overlay), but this will display the fps counter only on the desktop mirror screen (= not in the HMD).

Better than nothing but it is much better when the fps can be seen directly in the HMD (and even better when the fps counter is completed with a fps chart like in the performance HUD of oculusdebugtool).

Another alternative would be to make pitool have its own fps counter (option in pitool to display fps in HMD. Even better if there is an additional fps chart of course).


2080Ti, but I think that mystery could have been solved


Any idea on when is next Pitool coming ?


I asking myself the same question. We are waiting for too long.


I’m more excited about what new things they will implement in the next iterations of PiTools to be honest. I have had nothing to complain so far.


I wish they could improve Smart Smoothing.
Also would be good to get some news about FFR on 10xx series and Parallel Projection :slight_smile:


I would be nice to at least get a version combining the better interpolation from previous versions with the brightness/contrast settings from this last version.

For now we just can chose between having one or the other.


Apologies if this has been covered and I missed - its a very long thread.

Does anyone have Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) working on this version of Pitool?

For me, it says ‘FFR Closed’ and then when I tick the box it says “FFR Inactive”. I have rebooted the whole PC and HMD several times but during game play (ED) it never changes to “FFR Active”.

I have a RTX 2080 and it worked in the past but may have been an old version of Pitool. I have reinstalled this version but no change. Considered reinstalling an old version as a test but a bit worried about firmware etc and bricking my HMD :roll_eyes:

Thanks for any advice.