Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


X-Plane is still not working with .121. correct? (Same problem with Google Earth and the Google animated VR films like Pearl.


I suspect that the applications that are available in both Oculus and Steam won’t work because the PiTool is set to render using Oculus settings only for them. Probably they forgot to differentiate between those two platforms?


Pitool v. 121 does not work with Xp11.
I use Pitool v. 112.


tried again today and no go


Three weeks and no PiTool update? Someone knows when we can count on a new improved version? Especially smart smoothing :wink:


Everytime I open pitool there’s a 30% chance controllers won’t connect. And when I want to connect, I press pair controllers and it says “not enough dongles” or something annoying like that…then I have to restart. So frustrating. Please fix this man @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu


No connection issues with this beta for me. If anything, it way better than the previous version. Solid and fast detecting my bases, hmd and controllers.


I’m not using this beta since it makes echo arena completely dark and unplayable


Then until the non beta release your reporting on old version & should mention that. Since new version while has it flaws seems to have that issue more resolved.


I’m using Google Translation.
Before I could play Oculus games with 90 FPS easily with pimax 5k+.
Today I turn to 25/30 FPS with GPU used 100% for oculus games.
Do you know why ?


I got stutter (or something reprojection like when there is one new and one old image) when leaning horizontally to the right or left. Rotating my head is just fine.

No issues with Pitool


Tried the Fixed Foveated Rendering on version 121 in SteamVR Home and Elite Dangerous.

I tested all three modes on normal FoV – aggressive, balanced, and conservative. Conservative is the best one. The other modes are too visible.

I do not like it at the moment and will not use it. Creates too much flickering and horizontal lines in the low resolution section that is very distracting because your peripheral vision is very sensitive.


  • Remove horizontal lines in low resolution section
  • Remove flickering in low resolution section
  • Blend the high resolution and low resolution section to have a gradual transition instead of a sharp transition


But I said I’m not using the new version due to another issue that they don’t seem to even acknowledge…


They don’t need to acknowledge flaws in old versions of the software. So the problem your having is not relevant to the current version.

Hopefully the woes you have in the current version are resolved ie Echo Arena bring too Dark.

How do you know there not working on it? Have you obtained the next as of yet unreleased pitool version?

Your controller issue in connection if not present in 121B than technically your complaints are off topic as this is about the current Beta.

Raising a bug in another version is counter productive & could have them waste time trying to reproduce your controller issue instead of fixing things like Echo Arena being too dark.


I agree with you. I don’t use it either, nor do I use smart-smoothing. I prefer to play with lower graphical quality settings, so I can avoid weird visual artifacts.

Good suggestions, but I suspect that that the “heavy lifting” for the feature is provided by nVidia (who is probably investigating improvements). I think it’s likely that Pimax has very limited control over the visual quality of the under-sampled areas.


Weren’t we supposed to get an announcement today?


In another Thread asked PimaxUSA and he said there still testing a new PT & we might have an update on next week on when next release. So rough guess maybe 2 weeks or sooner may have a new release to checkout.


Yeah but @PimaxUSA was refering about an anouncement today to something else in this thread


Thank you missed that thread. Lol


I’ve been moving house so had the Pimax packed up. Finally re-setup last night. Tried brightness -5 and contrast at +2, and OMFG, Elite Dangerous feels so much better. I have been travelling to the centre of the Galaxy - Sag A for those in the know - and the last few jumps felt better. And the black hole at the centre was clearer. It’s not perfect - I guess I need an XR for that - but it was way better. I then docked at a station (the new one) and it felt better too. Blacks seem black. The overall brightness of the station was reduced (obviously) but not enough to cause an issue

Great progress Pimax