Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


The contrast and brightness adjustment really brings things back to life but i feel it’s a double edge sword. I do notice some loss of details and in some games the text or item becomes unrecognisable.

Does wonders for movies tho.


It needs to be added to the app profiles we ve been requesting for months.


So what is the general consensus on the best (for majority) contrast and brightness adjustment settings for the 5k+ so far?


I’m not sure there is a consensus. It likely depends (a lot) on the game and personal preference. I’m using Low brightness with a -1 brightness and +1 contrast. I think it looks great in Elite Dangerous.


That’s the setting for me as well.


So if I use normal brightness, I might need to do -2 brightness and +2 contrast you think?


Like others have said i’ve found that it comes down to different settings for different games. Will be great when we have game profile functionality.


Problem I can see is games will likely need to be launched from pitool to apply settings. Meaning we will need a pitool dashboard plugin for steam if you want a vr interface to launch from. But maybe not.


Sort of. The brightness/contrast +/- controls adjust the RGB values sent to the panels. This darkens areas, but does not deepen the blacks (which are dark gray, because LCD).

A “Low” brightness setting dims the LED backlights. That darkens the blacks, but also darkens the whites. I think ED benefits from lowered backlights.


在我的5K试一下,:ocean::ocean:Thank you!


Can we have an update on the next version?


The team is on the state May holiday and return Monday. We are testing a new version internally that includes some changes that affect the XR (and more).



I tried out a lot of games, seems to all work(i like the new update for the contrast/brightness).
I have not tried MineCraft in 2 years, so wanted to try Vivecraft, and it wont load on beta(
But it does on the none beta one(v1.0.0.109).

Only problem is, i am using Nolo VR to play(have to use the latest Version and drivers).
it works, but i don’t think the none beta version(v1.0.0.109) will support it.

As the beta stated it supports the newer Drivers of NOLO_VR.

Wanted to let you know.


Thank you for the information. I’ll make sure and pass it along.


Lone Echo is broken (very dark).
Google earth VR launches but doesn’t show in headset.


Any chance they can start posting ahead if time on these absences due to holidays?


I opened at ticket with them about this they said they could reproduce it and it would be fixed in about a week so hoping it will be in the next beta


Interestingly @Willyfisch can get Google Earth to run a. It on Amd gpu


It still has some issues to work out.


Any chance on getting Amd & pimax to collaberate on updates on Amd gpu?