Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


We do collaborate with AMD.


But not on releasing updates to Amd gpu users. If you polled our Amd Gpu users like @Willyfisch (a dev I believe) reports could be collected from users like him to help get both drivers working well. I will try to get a hold of my buddy in Amd as he might be able to help being on their Advisory board. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:



You got any Estimated Time on when we Might get the new update for pimax software?
For Games/apps that won’t load in Version (like Minecraft Vivecraft).

Currently still using Nolo VR(until the index or Sword sense comes out).
And the latest Pimax supports the new drivers only.


version 129_212 also seems to have the same issue! See error below. Any word on this? I was using MS Defender/Win10x64 1809



I will test install tomorrow. But we already do have users report as well Windows Defender not having a problem installing while others get the trojen warning.

Might be an idea to compare W10 version & Win Defender update ver.

I myself on 2 w10 pro machines on pitool 121B had 0 problems with install. No virus warnings.


Sorry to resurrect this but I just hit the problem on my new machine running BitDefender on 129, I had AVG on my old PC and it didn’t flag Pimax executables. It was blocked from executing, but not quarantined so PiTool still ran without problems as far as I can tell.

The option to exclude just MagicAttach_64.exe is provided in the UI and you could also exclude the entire Pimax folder if preferred. I wasn’t initially 100% about allowing the exclusion (sorry Pimax, but something could have slipped through!), but given multiple reports here, I decided it was safe enough to continue :+1: That said, once everything goes open source I guess 3rd party plugins could become a potential risk… :thinking:


Bitdefender issue for me as well. I had to turn off Exploit Detection (option under Advanced threat Defense) otherwise Fixed Foveated Rendering triggers Bitdefender and it quarantines anything Pimax related.

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