Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Thanks for the good news.


DCS, well for now that’s another story…getting lag, and have to do some investigation.


With this new Pitool I’m getting severe, unusable jitters in Fallout 4. Everything just vibrates like a 60’s LSD education video. If I turn off Parallel Projection it stops, but then Fallout 4 is unplayable for a different reason. This is the first version of Pitool to make Fallout 4 unplayable for me.

I’ve only used it with Fallout 4 because that’s all I’m playing right now. It’s unusable for Fallout 4 and I’m going back to the previous version of Pitools.

Oh, and I still can’t EVER get smart smoothing to show as active in the Pitools window.


Anyone having the headset not displaying in SteamVR, allow anything Pimax related as an exception in Windows Defender, I did not get any warnings but I couldn’t see my headset anymore. I just allowed the whole C: while I reinstalled PiTool and it fixed that up straight away.


It’s buggy in PiTool from my experience but I always use fpsVR to check everything is working properly before I begin racing and as long as the locked hz rate is what you’re expecting, it should be active.


Very initial impression of .129 is that the smoothing is better than .121 but still not as good as .111,

Will have to spend a bit more time with it.


I’m not sure if it is the same thing, but I’m getting something similar in DCS sometimes. It seems like crazy ghosting that I’ve never seen before. Like image is rendered 2 times with one of them at correct position and another lagging behind.


I uninstalled Pimax completely from my system, including folders in users\appdata\ and installed this new beta PiTool, tried running it and installed the new firmware without any issue and all are running smoothly as far as PiTool is concerned, but SteamVR is acting up a bit. It crashes every now and then and this is the same issue I found every since the last couple of updates for SteamVR. Might try to reinstall SteamVR tonight. But if anyone is having the same issue and have found a solution for it please do share it with me.

Another thing regarding the smart smoothing option, I read someone in the forum saying that it cancels out PP, is this confirmed?


I have it on, can be sure if its working or not but dcs is smooht as hell :slight_smile:

Standalone DCS in use


I don’t think it cancels out PP otherwise you’d see the result in the headset with 2 images being separate from each other. PP cancelling smoothing might be possible but again you can confirm this is the case using something like fpsVR which will show a locked frame rate while in use. PP is easy to tell if it’s been disabled, games that require it simply won’t be operable in the HMD with it off.


Interesting. I use the standalone DCS World 2.5 Beta as well. But are u running it with SteamVR or through PiTool launcher? I can’t seem to get smart smoothing on any of the modes, despite having stable 36fps on 72Hz or 40fps on 80Hz. Only tested on my 1070 laptop so far though…



Request : SteamVR Dashboard for oculus game because the lucky tale height still not correct.

What will happened if we use vive only for oculus game? Still not try.
I ever review that Archangel on PiTool always run as oculus mode, maybe this will fix that issue.


my personal experience with the smooth movement stuff in pitool has been subpar, i mostly use vorpx so i assume its a specific problem here. when the smooth movement option is enabled in pitool i get a lot of stutter when moving my head, and i can see a lot of weird color bleeding on the sides.

Thankfully thats not really a major problem since vorpx own smoothing works extremely well.

One thing ive noticed on this beta and that i love, is that for some reason, the image looks much sharper. I see a lot less supersampling artifact than before especially around small text.


I just use dcs shortcut.


This has been adress by other comments somewhere, many ultra gamers prefer 140hz 1080P monitor to 4k. Valve would target those specifically probably with some new VR FPS games to be announced…




What is your config please ?
Absolutely unplayable for me (latest beta)


Is anyone with a 1080 ti is getting DCS running smooth ?


I5 6core 8400 4ghz , 1070Ti oc , 24gb DDR4 3200mhz , all SSD drives , win 10

All high, water medium, shadows low and flat terrain shadows. Rain drops on, other boxes off. Msaa 2x , Steam VR 90% dcs PD 1.0 , pitool normal fov , PP off, pi quality 1

I can share more info soon as i get home from work


Hi, with my 1070 PC I7 8700 version, I have the problem with smart Smoothing in the middle of the lens (screen) everything flickers (distorted). For example, the track lighting tilts 45 ° when driving past, still testing for the best setting for PCars2. No other Pitool version had this problem so far.