Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Twitch Gamers love speed.
As for Valve upcoming FPS - look into Boneworks, cough Half Life cough. Me thinks Hell just might freeze over :sweat_smile:


Same problem here…


I agree, pimaxvr.com even shows the text “Pimax 5K XR - Darker than black” as the first thing!


thanks 4 that mate,
i run 1600x @4g
1080 ti ftw3
16 DDR4 300

Could be something wrong with my overclock or the bios switch on my 1080 ti
Standalone open beta here, will run some test, thank you i ll keep updated.


Happy to help, i post more later tonight. Stupid work :confused:


Now it´s the long road to test the “Vive Compatibility” with those titles that had problems.


It’s the same on my 8K, and it is very nauseating for me, even though I am used to VR since 2015. It’s unusable.


i don’t want to create another topic for that as it might get deleted.
We should all tag Pimax team in our post, otherwise the issue will get ignored.
Also make sure you open a ticket and link the video


I have done some tests with the new version of PiTool .129 on the DCS simulator here are my observations:

This version is definitely better than .121. It seems to me that Smart Smoothing works a bit better than in .112 (I did not use .121 because the SS worked terribly there), although with a fast heel of the plane there is still a double vision. Frame generation times are longer compared to .112 (16ms instead of 13-14ms) - but visually the SS effect gives a similar effect - it’s hard to say if it’s better. I wonder if it would not be a good idea to connect the input from the joystick to the operation of the smart smoothing function, it would know in advance in which direction and with what speed the image travels :wink: It still does not work in DCS as well as ASW or Motion Reprojection WMR - but I can see progress in the right direction.

My configuration:
i7 8700k
32GB 3000MHz
PiTool Render 1.25
SteamVR 0.54%
DCS PD 1.0
SS on
FFR off (after watching @SweViver tests I turned off - thanks Martin!)
FOV - Large (I did not buy Pimax 5K + to narrow the picture :D)

Thank you to the Pimax team for the wonderful work.


Smartsmoothing comes in action because the framerate is capped at 45fps, but honestly once I reach 45 stable fps in DCS I can’t see any visual differences with or without smartsmoothing enabled


Ah but you want 2k/eye to get more like 1080.


What exactly does that mean? As far as I know, PiTool doesn’t apply any supersampling. It’s just a number that applications use to calculate the rendering resolution


And whats that going to be?

Monochrome beatsaber


I get crazy artifacts in some SteamVR home environments. The whole screen flashes with different parts of the screen everywhere. Very weird. Turn it off and everything looks normal. Do not happen in all environments thought.

Also FFR seems to increase Frame time in some games and I have seen it remove textures in a radial pattern in some environments in steamVR home.

I do have to report that if you check off the Vive Only then The Wizards game controls work again! and google earth works too (even with out it checked) thanks for the fixes!


He’s probably means Smart Smoothing.
Which myself as well couldnt get working right on that beta so before this i was on .91.

These acronyms are getting less usefull by the minute.


Could be wrong but I think that’s a known bug with SteamVR environments?


I’m using SM for Smart Smoothing and SS for Supersampling so yeah it’s confussing.

Lets build shortcuts & acronyms table:)


Might be cause I’m wierd.

But I would rather just call them reprojection and pixel density.


My experience with The Climb (Oculus), quality 0.75: During gameplay, Smart Smoothing causes the entire image to flicker wildly, constantly. Without SS, gameplay looks amazing, plays great (aside from a few frame drops). The game’s menus on Pimax (unlike on Oculus Rift) are very low res, low contrast, making the options menu entirely unreadable. Definitely a step up from last time I tried The Climb with an older Pitool, where the entire game was low res.

Oh, if it matters, Pimax 8k, 1080ti, 16GB RAM.



So did pimax finally fix the dark game issue in lone echo/echo arena…?