Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Well if you look at stereo Overlap Reverb is using all of 4320×2160 for Stereo Overlap natively. With pimax we’d need to know what the stereo over lap is. But at a guess 2560×1440 (un upscaled) but either way 2160v beats 1440v.

Now once the 8k-X is out we have a different ball game & in theory should match or perhaps exceed Reverb as 4k native/eye. Now it might have less Stereo overlap 3840 vs 4320 or might match to exceed.

The 5k+ & 8k are limited by input res.


Hmm…? The panels are 2160x2160 each, and while they decreased the FOV per eye (according to the HP guy in Tested video), while maintaining the same total FOV, shouldnt this mean the stereo overlap is more narrow/smaller on the Reverb?


No from my understanding of gen1 fov is 100% stereo overlap. Due to limited FoV.

Either way it has way more native vertical res at 2160.

Pimax res is split between Stereo & peripheral.


Yes as far as I understand it, thats correct. But regarding Reverb, they decreased the FOV for each eye (to get bigger sweet spot), but still using 114 degrees of total FOV. This should result in a noticeable overlap within the view-able area, I assume?


That I don’t know if it would create s more noticeable overlap in a negative way.

Consider an old viewmaster with Negatives. It res is considerably higher being film.

It should mean a virtually no SDE due to high pixel density. I do recall Ben noting on both pimax & starvr seemed to need more stereo overlap. Which with it’s flaws Panasonic’s prototype 220 FoV headset “felt” better on.

I think what we might need ti know is Stereo Overlap vs Human natural overlap range in degrees. I can’t honestly see more overlap being bad unless it exceeds natural human overlap.

I think someone might have said it’s something like 120 to 130?

I beleive you notice more the overlap when you transition from stereo overlap to non overlap.


If you are using a total FOV which is larger than the FOV per eye then yes, you will get an noticeable overlap somewhere in your viewable area.

Pimax and StarVR uses full sized panels which means you can render more or less maybe 130-140 degrees on each panel. Index and reverb uses (roughly) half of that panel, which makes me hard to believe it can render a 114 FOV per eye. Again, they officially said the total FOV is larger than each eye/panel is rendering.

Pimax has around 100 degrees of overlap, meaning 50 degrees of each panel renders into the overlap, while the remaining degrees on each side, are rendered as peripherals.
Btw. By blending 2 panels in an overlap, you are not increasing the resolution, nor improving the SDE. The binocular overlap image of pimax is not by any means more sharp or defined resolution/SDE wise, compared to the peripherals, just because its 2 overlapped images. You are still seeing 1 panel at a time with 1 eye.

The human overlap is probably around 110-120 degrees I assume. Which means if the HMD is 114 degrees and the total HMD fov is larger than each panels FOV, then an overlap will be seen with your eye.

But in the end, its all theoretical. I havent seen the Reverb in action so I cant tell :slight_smile:


Wasn’t quite what I was looking for. But a good article from Doc-ok

On FoV with Binocular & stereo overlap. Initial find was a reddit (deleted) but said binocular is something like 114-115 and that stereo is not quite the same as monocular FoV.

Lots of Tests in this article as well invovling eye distsnce to lens (oculus & vive iterstions)


Anyone has been able to use this version with PiTool super sampling set at 1.25?


Try, Pitool render at 2 and steamVR at 20%, DSC PD at 1.3 to 1.5 depending on your system. You will likely see a FPS increase and still looks sharp. This is what I run and I get 45 to 55 FPS on a 2080 TI.


Close. :slight_smile: It’s Frame Extrapolation, since the future frame is not yet known (and interpolation only applies when both endpoints are known).



Yes, that’s right, smart smoothing works in SkyrimVR, I tried it first of all there. But there is some nuance with flickering along the bottom and side edges. (in other games I did not notice this)


Which games do actually apply such restriction ?


Yes. Even better :slight_smile:


I don’t have a list but I know that Doom 3 BFG VR Fully Possessed (mod) needs it as it doesn’t “see” the headset otherwise and just keeps saying to walk into the play space or something like that while showing nothing in the headset (only on the mirror on the monitor)… :wink:

There are probably others too, but I haven’t run into them yet.


I have checked it and my file is 4/4/19…

should i reinstall pitool?


OK!, just i’ve reinstalle pittol previous and now i have the correct date file and start google earth



the assumption was that you did not uninstall pitools and on installing of new pitools the two parts mentioned above (blocked by Defender or other AV solution) did not overwrite the older parts (steam vr and oculus integration) and you ended up with new pitools but old steam vr plugin of pitools
after your AV solution updated (not blocking the two pitool parts anymore) and reinstalling latest pitolls you now have a complete installation and google earth vr is working

you might check why you did miss the “blocking” part on the first installation - silent blocking of AV solution or you just ignored it and forgot about that


Same here, SweViver.
Smart smoothing still doesn`t seem to work at all in DCS (or IL2), when rolling the aircraft and looking to the sides. Still heavy stuttering of the landscape while rolling. Even if my fps show stable 36 Fps in 72Hz-mode.


The installer should indicate that something with the process went wrong in this scenario not exit successfully.


Well, unfortunately, it’s true. Nothing has changed in this matter :roll_eyes:/


Curious… What xp11 steamvr settings do you use at this point? Do you do video override checked off and slider adjusted in addition to the main application slider, which is normally at 100%? 1080ti +8700k at 5ghz here for me… how is xp11 better with the new updated tool… i’m not seeing a huge difference but then again, i think my steamvr settings are way off (only 26-35 fps depending if TE UK or other areas along with ground blurring as you turn and look left and right at those fps).