Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


I’m happy so far and do gain some more fps so far on my 1080ti. Also distortions seem a tad better, may be placebo though.

SM is still…well far from optimal and introduces artifacts. For strange reasons though I feel that Pimax does not rely that heavy on SM ASW and co since it seems to smooth out minor fps drops already.
Which shouldn’t imply they need to stop working on it :slight_smile:

I seriously would like to know why FFR is for RTX only. Is it just a marketing-pact to boost NVIDA new gen sales or does it indeed rely on specific tec that is working with RTX only?


If i am not wrong, latest driver from Nvidia does enable RTX on 10xx series, it should just be a matter of code writing on Pimax’s Drivers side.


If that turns out to be the case, I’m really looking forward to it.

After all, most will agree that, let’s say starting from 120 degrees the bigger FOV is more of an effect than a “I see more” in a wider fashion. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great! effect. But it can not be compared to the more usage of a wider screen like eg. my 21:9 (LG 34UC) which delivers the same quality across the pannel. It#s more of a feeling than actual crisp wideness We have distortions, overlaps, warps ect in this area anyway. Again, I’m not overly annoyed by that fact. So FFR really makes sense since the outer area is not usuable in a traditional way anyway. So beeing able to trade for more SS in the important area would be great and I kinda hate that it’s an RTX thing for now.


Has Pimax said anything about the state of Fixed Foviated Rendering for 10 Series Nvidia cards recently?


This is the most recent answer i got about FFR (this morning)
Makes me think that it should be available in the future.


I completely agree with you, its great to have but i could easily trade it for FFR.


Installed v129, firmware updated OK. I tested it in IL-2 on Normal FOV. Here’s what I found.

Smart Smoothing: Better than v121. It initially gave double vision of the gunsight at 80Hz but this went away at 72Hz. At 80Hz I received some judder flying low over a city with it on. At 72Hz flying low level over a city was smooth. With SmSm on at 72Hz I was able to increase some in-game graphics settings without an impact to the smoothness while playing.

FFR: It looked good on Balanced in IL-2, did not really notice much of a difference visually. As long as it might give me a few more fps I was ready to keep it on. However, I then put my plane into a spin and it was horrible, hesitation city. Took FFR off but with SmSm still on and did another spin and all looked good.


Honestly, just tried SM on 80Hz only for now (and I still didn’t like it that much) since dropping to 36 resulted in annoying flickering on the former Version. I’ll give it a try, I’m no simmer though, probably the experience very much depends on the game.

However I find that games that do not need PP gotten more performant. I usually use “The Lab” for benchmarking, since it’s not a demanding game. And the higher the (Pi Quality + Steam SS Settings)numbers, the more I get a grasp where it is going instead of using high demanding games, where one subtle option decides about life and death :slight_smile:


I found that Smart Smoothing for me still doubles the horizon on rolls. Not a big issue for me, but it’s not ideal. What bothers me more is the aimsight artifacts.
Instead, I use FFR. At 72Hz it’s enough to keep smoothing inactive. It’s still on, it kicks in while landing or when flying between trees.
This was on the Stalingrad map, which is probably the lightest one on the GPU.


I just tried a test at 72Hz with FFR on, no SmS (Kuban map). The hesitation I was seeing before in a spin was not present. This must only be an issue when both are on.

Low over a city I was getting some hesitations which weren’t there with SmS instead. I think for my system and settings, this will work better at the moment.

Just need to keep testing the other 12,952 possible setting combinations between the various software. :crazy_face:


@Sean.Huang On Vega 56, right eyes image is shaking whenever there is movement, this didn’t happen on V1.0.1.121, had to roll back and right eye is fine.


Smart smoothing is much better this time. As in potentially usable. Tested in Skyrim. Still have more testing to do. Need to discover where the line is between limitation of ‘smart smoothing’ (v1) technology, and the limitation of this implementation. My gut feeling is there is a bit more to do with this implementation.

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How is there still no option to not shut off the display if theres no movement ? Or at-least increase the timeout, its like 10 seconds?

Please pimax!


As an owner of the oled version. Would love to have a faster screen off too when pimax logo is showing. Very stressful having to worry that its not going to turn off at all and burn in… Guess I could remove the image though…


Tested smart smoothing in Beat Saber, works better than previous version in game, but in the menu, feels like there are a lot of preprojection. Overall performance however, it is significantly more GPU demanding than previous beta on GTX 1080.


It’s easy but don’t forget to replace it every time you install PiTool.

Timeout customization would be really nice via the GUI.


with this pitool release i have performance issues on “PokerStars VR” with RTX2080ti, i need to pull down the graphic from high to mid

in high settings unplayable
in mid settings some lags

with stable release of pitool i dont have performance problems.


Tested American Truck Simulator last night and it was much improved over previous pitool releases. I was actually able to drive in a big city like Las Vegas and still have playable framerates. It still isn’t butter smooth but was getting very close. Much closer than I have ever seen it before. In previous releases there was very obvious judder and hitching when driving in a big city but last night it was relatively smooth in the city and completely smooth out in the open country. Keep up the great work with these new releases!


Anybody here tried Raceroom with new driver? I can’t play it anymore, game starts but I can’t see nothing in hmd (except the grey empty space). In my monitor became all black with a little windows (really little) where I can see Raceroom working… Any advice?