Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Raceroom works just fine on my 8K with the new driver… 9700k and 980ti.
No idea what happens to you.


I don’t understand, I tried it a month ago and it works pretty well. I’m starting it from steam choosing steamvr 64bit version without pp pitool 1.0 steamvr 80%. Is it ok? 2080 i7 6700k. Ac and rfactor2 works well.


Just a guess but did you try with ‘verify the integrity of game files’ ?


Good point! I’ll try after lunch :+1:


I tried it with xp11… both on and off… still blurring of the ground looking out to the left and right while turning. Doesnt seem to make a difference, unless im missing something (at frame rates under 45 basically, gets worse as you go down in fps)?


Same problem and no invalid file. I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall Raceroom from scratch.


Did u try enabling the Vive Only mode for Raceroom? Might help, haven’t tried yet though…


No I don’t, but now it’s too late :frowning: steam is already (slowly) downloading raceroom :grin:


Did more testing in IL-2 with Normal view @ 72Hz with Smart Smoothing. When following aircraft I do get some double vision on planes I am following, mostly when they are off to the sides of the center view. For now it will be something I live with as I need the higher frame rates.




This should solve the issue , if not (i had that issue in the past) there is a video config file in document that you can delete and the game will restore default video settings.


I tried also that to make the game recreate a new one… no success… without vr it works well, in vr mode it crash :frowning:


Have you managed to find a fix?


You have the super sample too high. I worked out that anything that renders above 13.5M pixels total will make that little picture come out on the desktop and not render into the HMD. Try reducing any PiTool setting and SteamVR slider setting until you get back into the HMD. Not sure why it does this, but this fixed it for me.


Speaking of Raceroom, I went back to it the past few nights to run some PiTool testing and I have found that with the latest .129 I am getting some warping in the image even without Smoothing on. I’ve ran AC and rF2 Sunday and Monday night in long races and I had a fantastic experience with .129, with Smoothing both on and off (on in AC and off 64hz with rF2).

I wonder if anyone else has noticed a degradation in image quality with Raceroom? At first I thought it was the Smoothing playing up (I was running 90hz warped to 45hz constant) but while it appeared to run well (better than .121) the image was a mile off where it was the last time I was in it.

I might have to reinstall .111 because I always feel this was the best looking and best implementation of Smoothing thus far. .121 can probably be deleted as easily the worst of the latest drivers. I think I’d rather the better image and smoothing over the brightness and contrast options, for sure. Would be great to have both though. I’ll have to go back and retest the other 2 sims to make sure nothing else is playing up. They were near perfect when I drove them with .129 just 2 days ago.


This bug happens on some WMR headsets too, try looking down below your feet, you might see the small game window there and hear the game sound.

If this is the case, just run the game in normal monitor mode and set your preferred key to recenter the VR view in Raceroom preferences, then use it every time you start the game in VR, you might skip the first game screen with the game “news” by cliking the mouse, then recenter view.


great, good to find someone who had the same problem, currently i’m redownloading it, as soon it finish i’ll try with lower setting. I’m currently at 1.0 in pitool and 80% steam ss, what settings do you use to play raceroom?


has anyone else encountered that you have to set nearly every ss Setting in SteamVR again?


I tried recentering vr, it didn’t work unfortunately :frowning:


It just depends on your overall resolution. So if your 80% SteamVR SS is over 13.5 million pixels per eye (it might be a different number for you, but for me as soon as it went over this threshold, black screen on monitor, little picture left hand corner, no boot into HMD, EVERY TIME) Raceroom will not boot into the HMD.