Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0


Version 129 is unplayable when I have high GPU RAM load. It stutters A LOT even though it’s showing 70-90 fps.

Pimax 5K+
Refresh rate: 90 Hz
Smart Smoothing: OFF
Parallel Projection: ON

Tested this in Skyrim VR in Riverwood with a lot of mods that raise the GPU RAM to about 9/11 GB on my 2080 ti.

It appears like a frame from 5 frames behind is shown on the screen every 50 ms. fpsVR is also showing a lot of yellow lines jumping up when that’s happening instead of staying in the green.

I saw this a couple of times before but when I increased the amount of mods I am running it became very prevalent. I saved and restarted the game just to verify.

I uninstalled Pitool version 129 and reinstalled the older version 121 and the stuttering went away completely.


Why are you running PP on in Skyrim VR? Turn it off. I also have lots of mods and recommend the latest Pitool 129 beta and Smooth on. Really works great in Skyrim.
I too, have many graphics mods and use Smooth on. I can crank SteamVR up a serious amount and the graphics are so sweet. Contrast +3 Bright -1 on looks really nice to me in this game.
I am running a 1080ti and graphics maxed with an SteamVR video setting in the high 3000s x**** (can remember where I settled exactly atm)
No performance issues here so you should not be struggling on your rig.
I would point out that going back to and earlier Pitool is a disadvantage here as the 129 has the best working Smart Smoothing and in Skyrim is freaking awesome for cranking settings.
That said with a 2080ti you may well not need Smoothing in Skyrim.
Hope that helps.


When steamvr update every time, I feel the super sampling with high value always making issue and I have to decrease the sampling.


Check your page file size also. I had similar in a certain area and it was because the page file allocation had run out.


And also aye, you can turn off parrallel projections. It works well without in the latest Pitool. The only problems are loading screens, & slight pop in at the periphery.


Do you run 90 or 72 Hz mode ? I’m also struggling with Skyrim (1080Ti) I’m running with PP off too, 90Hz but only around “2800ish x something” in SteamVR. Around 350 mods and 230 plugins. The “double image stutter” is totally breaking this game for me …, with or without smoothing. I’m using 1.5 ingame SS as well though to get rid of some of the annoying foliage aliasing. Really hope they are fixing this issue… should be aware of it by now anyway.


I run 72Hz in all games. I don’t see the diff at 90. I only adjust SS in one place for all my games, usually SteamVR atm.
I only run about 20 mods mostly graphics improvements, so I can’t speak to your “Around 350 mods and 230 plugins” but I would look there for performance issues.

My rig: I5 6600K@4.5, MSI GTX 1080Ti, 16 gig Corsair Vengeance 3200


@Heliosurge you have solution to turn off gray screen? Yes, this is due to the fact that he can not catch the tracking, but it doesn’t matter to me that it annoys me now, confuses me with confusion


I had that too until I went back to pitool 121


Actually, I just found it to be DyndoLOD that caused the performance hog. Updating resources and dyndolod increased the performance significantly. I’m now able to run “3700x3000” ish at 50+ fps :slight_smile: Rolled back to PiTool 121 though…


i need the answer… For steamvr and pimax


Because I hate the pop in at the edges from improper occlusion culling in Skyrim VR. The only way I know how to solve it is to start SteamVR with large FoV in PiTool and then switch to medium FoV so pop in happens outside the visible area. It’s a nice compromise of performance and visual quality. The only bad part is the mask placed on top of the edges isn’t done properly so the center part at the edges is really bright for some reason.

Regarding the performance. I have about 250 mods now so the GPU RAM is almost maxed out. However I disable TAA and run constant dark weather to remove the shimmering. It looks good enough to me at 100% SS. Runs close to 90 fps in most cases except outdoors with lots of visible terrain and grass where it drops to around to around 70-90 with PP.


I find sense of depth and presence is MUCH better in Skyrim in 129 vs 121.


I have never notice any pop in. Played Skyrim all day today.


I did see it one night. I can see NPC suddenly pop in in my peripheral. Then a couple days later it stopped happening. weird

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