PiTool (stable) released



100%? You will only hit close to 100% (high 90’s) if You’re not using smart smoothing and Your GPU is struggling to reach whatever framerate it’s trying to reach.


I mean more than 90%. Sweviver showed a way to “unlock” the gpu usage from around 70% to more than 90%, but I can’t succeed to do it…


Got it then… :+1: :nerd_face: I haven’t tried since I don’t find the hack that useful as it’s not “stable”. I’d love to see whatever’s causing it fixed though… :wink:


Yeah I had lot of stuttering issues with this hack on project cars, but the changelog shows that it should be fixed…


If this is what You mean I’m not sure it’s related?

Fix the occasional ghosting problem caused by the high GPU occupancy


I thought it was…


Sorry for asking a dumb question, as mentioned above some guys tested FFR, but I miss FFR in this version of Pitool - I am using the 5k+.


Are You aware that FFR only works for RTX/20 series cards (i.e. RTX 2070, 2080, 2080 Ti etc.)?


Ops, thank you for clearing this out.


Desolate, what is FFR?


Fixed Foveate Rendering.


No problem. As I understand it it’s not yet supported on driver level so Pimax is waiting on Nvidia and are not even sure if it will be implemented.

EDIT: Found the original announcement:


I wish it were fixed. :grin:


I can confirm the “default” trick no longer works in 132. I will push the Pimax devs to bring it back hehe :slight_smile: We NEED that performance. Project Cars 2 is hovering at 75% GPU again :confused:


So if this behavior changes with pitool versions, then it sounds like pitool is the problem? Instead of having them bring back the trick, they should find out the root cause and have it auto apply it when in-game.


That and at least bring back Smart Smoothing that didn’t seem to artifact / distort like in PiTool_121_R211_beta

Either they had it working well in that version or it was not working at all but then at least frames were capped at half the selected Hz rate in PiTool. Least there weren’t artifacts and tearing of the image. Seems to be getting worse with every new release since.


Otherwise, I found out Smart Smoothing to be really efficient. I am using pitools 1.25 with everything in high/ultra (MSAA high). It gives 23 fps without Smart Smoothing, 45 with Smart Smoothing with a really decent fps rate “feeling”

But yeah we definitely need it…


It was widely regarded that .121 has the worst smoothing implementation of all the recent current PiTool releases. However, I’ll agree that the tolerance in dropped frames, while giving the smoothing a chance to stay at the 45hz constantly, severely affected the image in some situations. I think users of all the current PiTool releases can agree that the overall experience was better when only the smallest tolerance of dropped frames was allowed. Yes you needed more GPU power to keep smoothing at the required frame rate but at least the image was far better off for it.


Aren’t we supposed to need half the refresh rate in order for brainwarp to kick in?


Yes. But recently I’ve noticed that the frame timings are off from what they used to be in earlier versions, but the frame rate is shown as stable. This tells me that more than one synthetic frame is being inserted during Brainwarp. It’s this phenomena that, to me at least, causes a disruption in the image worse than earlier PiTools.