PiTool (stable) released



hm… I don’t know exactly… I just wanted to state that for me this is the first time that smart smoothing is efficient.

If I want the smoothest experience, I won’t use it and I would adjust graphic settings to reach around 60 fps.

But if I want the game to shine, then smart smoothing allows to use highest graphic settings, and still having decent frame rate…


Please ask them for about 90~95 Gpu utilization without “tricks”


Smart Smoothing will not be engaged if your frame rate drops under half the selected Hz rate in PiTool. Probably why the image looks so good to you but even I am not able to stand a frame rate that is under 30fps. 40 and above is reasonable for me.

I’d drop your PiTool render setting from 1.25 to 1.0 and then try it again. What you would be looking for is a Non Smoothing frame rate of 40 to 60fps. Then if you select 64Hz for your HMD and Smart Smoothing - you will see fps stay at a constant 32fps but visually it will be double that. If your non smoothing frame rate is around half the Hz setting or lower then Smart Smoothing will drop in and out and not deliver.

As for smoothing and effectiveness .121 is the only Smart Smoothing PiTool version that doesn’t give image artifacts and tearing in Il2 Battle of Stalingrad. All the others including the latest - Smart Smoothing is not usable.

FFR for me also does not bring any performance benefit to the table and it is also unstable, in my experience.


yeah it didn’t. I’m so so so sick and tired of this. Restarting pitool does not fix this in task manager. Only was it to restart my pc EVERY TIME I WANT TO PLAY VR. I’m so done with this


I’m guessing this is not a Pimax issue, but is specific to your system/hardware configuration. Would you be able to try the HMD and controllers on a friend’s system?


I have never needed to restart for anything. Are you just killing pitool in task manager? That does nothing, you need to restart the Pitool Service you can do that within the pitool menu but sometimes I find I need to go into the services section of task manager and start it or stop it manually to get it to stick.


PiServiceLauncher is the service that handles the other services. Just restart that.


my guess it’s a bluetooth problem, have you tried putting all bluetooth dongles off that may interfere?


That’s what I do. Has no effect.


Like my iPhone’s Bluetooth? That’s always off. And my pc (motherboard more specifically) has built in blutetooth, so it’s not a dongle


I’ve never even seen that issue. It sounds like a 3rd party service in your PC with a higher priority is grabbing control and not letting loose. As a test I would disconnect my hard disk and use a cheap blank SSD then install clean copy Windows, Latest Nvidia driver, PiTool and SteamVR. I bet 99% issue does not re-occur.


ah maybe you can turn bluetooth off on your motherboard so you can be sure nothing is interfering


So, the .129 version gives better performance [after using the default trick,] or are you saying the .132 version gives you the maximum performance without having to use a trick?


He said, “I will push the Pimax devs to bring it back hehe :slight_smile: We NEED that performance.”, so it sounds like the max performance has dropped.


I shall stick with .129


Slightly better normal performance in 132, but 129 with the “tweak” applied is still giving a higher performance. The dev team is working on this to improve it.


The performance has not dropped in 132, actually its the opposite from what I can see. The only problem is that the “default button” trick is not possible with 132. But they are looking at this right now.


I have heard over in another thread that the knuckles controllers are no longer working with pitool/steamvr, is pimax aware of this and working with steam/valve?


This should be a big priority. Knuckles controllers need to be working.


I agree with you. It is annoying to have to do “the trick”. We should be able to get all the power from our gpus without tricks. Hopefully pimax will find the way. Soon, please!!!