Pitool 3.1.76 for the 4k?


Hi @Enopho, thanks for your advice that you mentioned, we will consider it sincerely in our Pimax team. Have a nice day!



HI, I have ever said that ghosting issue is related with hardware also, Pitool could not fix ghosting issue.


i never said you did Sean, what i did say is that the SDE on the latest pitool when used with the 4k is worse compared to the last version of piplay., and i would not recommend running it at this stage.

My final line in that post said that Ghosting may be addressed by Pimax at some point as 4k users are customers too. @xunshu has mentioned this previously that it maybe fixable with software and hardware changes, but that was many many months ago and gentle reminders every now and again can’t hurt.



You keep Steamvr SS is 100%, then:

Piplay rendering = 2
Pitool rendering =2

These two setting should be the same resolution level 3223*3978

so we keep the same rendering level between piplay and pitool.


Thanks Sean for that clarification, i suspected that was the case


He said Pitool could use some of tge anti ghosting that is in piplay.

Now what about what @crony mentioned about giving 4k customers option of oveeclocking tye display like Oculus Go?

Or implementing ATW?


Piplay though you can set render to 3 where pitool caps at 2.


they wouldn’t be where they are now if not for p4k which we supported… not even a single video comparing it to the new Pimaxies…


Since the 4k is part of the now big Pimax family, it should get some loving.
You are right OC or ATW would be cool.


The Over clocking was mentioned by @crony whom has deep knowledge from building his own headset.