PiTool .95 doesn't let screens go to sleep



I am using the new pitool .95 and I noticed the screens stay awake. They used to turn black and go to sleep. How do I fix this? I dont want the screens to burn out like I’ve heard it happen with others.
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What’s your firmware version?

#3 is the hmd firmware


You can try to keep the helmet still for a minute or so, don’t touch it.


The hmd was on a table for over an hour


Please export log and send it to me,thanks.


How do I attach the log?


Click “Help” from pitool interface,then you can find it.


How can I send it to you? I know how to get the log file. I cant attach it in this forum


This is my email: doman.chen@pimaxvr.com


Ok sent. I was using it for an hour or so, and just put it down since around 11:00am EST. It’s now 45-50 minutes later, and the screen is still on.

SteamVR is Not on, but PiTools is open and on.


Thanks,we will check about it.


Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


Could it be magnetic interference?

Do You leave it close to a set of speakers?

If so, try to see if it works when leaving it further away from them.


Maybe. My steel series pro wireless is near


I’ve read somewhere on the forum that others have had issues with the P4K tracking due to magnetic interference as it uses the gyro for that.

The 5K+/8K uses the gyro for “sensing” movement even if You’re using basestations for tracking (which I seem to remember reading You are, right?)… :wink:


Whats funny is that i had 2 base stations before. 1 broke a few days ago. Now im only using 1 SteamVR 2.0 base station and the tracking isnt as good with just 1. Im getting drifting also