PiTool Disconnected: Diagnose(10600) error


I get the 10500 error @Dallas.Hao the latest Pi tool 1.03 R191 is what I installed and updated it then flashed it. Now it just sits there flashing lights…
Its effectively dead…Pimax if it cant be easily fixed please send me a replacement and how you want this one back. Only used it once… :cry:


hey I’m backer #6135. I just received my 5K+ in the mail and I’m getting the 10600 error. I’ve tried a few things in other treads and this but nothing is working. Ive tried uninstalling pitool and deleting appdata files then reinstalling. trying other versions. flashing firmware. nothing seems to work.


I still use the disconnect reconnect method. Working so far. Just really annoying obviously. Pimax 10600 Fix