PiTool doesnt Pickup Pimax 5k+ when turning off and back on


Ever since I got the Pimax 5k+ I noticed that there is an issue with PiTool picking up the headset and base stations after turning it off and back on.

Normally I use the headset for a bit and after I’m done, I shut down Steam VR, then I turn off the HMD by holding the Power Button to power it down.

But, whenever i want to power it back up, while the computer is still running (haven’t restarted the computer), sometimes it doesn’t pick up the headset or the basestations and I have to unplug the Pimax’s AC Adapter cable or I have to completely restart the computer to get it working again. When this happens, the Pimax blue light on the front is solid blue and doesn’t blink. Whenever it blinks, I know that it’s normal.
Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems as if the blue light is darker when solid-on, but when it’s in normal use and pitool detects the headset/base stations, it blinks a lighter blue color. (not sure if I’m just seeing a different shade of blue or if it really is darker).

Anyone noticed these same issues?