Pitool improvements for the 4k as well please?



Hi team

I understand the focus is on the 5k+ and 8k and all of the various oled and BE versions when we are talking about pitool.

But please spare a thought for your loyal 4k owners, we are customers too, and a little love in your software to enhance our experience would go a long way.

I have the utmost respect for what you are trying to do, but I do feel that the 4k owners seem to have been left on the shelf some what?

@xunshu mentioned many months ago that ghosting improvements were possible with software and hardware tweaks. I can see that the hardware side of that might be a challenge but the software tweaks might help?

In fact any improvements that can be made to enhance the 4k user experience is a plus in my book.

Thanks for reading this request…

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@xunshu, I would like to see some improvements on the ghosting as well, and or anything else that might make the 4K experience better. Thank you!


The best would be a slider in pitool which controls the timing of the shutters. The ghosting definitely comes from bad shutters timing.
My ghosting was so severe that I had to remove the shutters to somehow use my 4K longer than a minute.
But of course I traded ghosting with smearing. Nevertheless I could then use my 4K for watching movies or slow paced games/experiences.

Unfortunately the 4K lcd panel has a too high switching time and that is counterfeit with the help of shutter glasses which do block the light so you do (in theory) just see the picture and then black while the LCD is “swinging in to the next picture.

But somehow in my 4K the timing was off and I think some others have the same problem which could be solved with access to the timing of the shutters.


Backers need Tech support


Hi Pimax, we are still waiting for a reply?


please can you guys help out your existing 4k owners?




I think it’s a waste of time to hope for some 4k support by pimax team.
The worst thing is that they still sell 4k but without any future software update by them.
The 4k could be a perfect entry level headset with a price drop and some firmware/ software optimization.

As I said in some other thread, if pimax don’t want to support the product, it could be great to have 4k software open source


Hi Dallas, we have still been waiting for a reply to this thread since the 18th Dec. Can you please push your team to answer please.




Pimax please help! :sob:


Is there a way to make your own custom Pitool?


We would at least have an SDK for editing drivers and interacting with pimax. And open source is the pinnacle of success, why only pimax does not follow this, and nolo can it


technical programmers have completely begun to ignore most of the topics about pimax with nolo, it already comes to that pimax users complain about the popular channels that have these devices. I hope at least that will affect them


Is anyone alive?


Im another Pimax 4K user that would like to see some improvement to software. Theres many of us Pimax 4K users still out here!!


Update please. Pimax-Support


Wow this is great news!! I wonder if the colors can be corrected to look as good as the 8K or 5K+ ??


bear in mind that post is from a year ago… i have been asking since that time for information on these ‘improvements’ but have had little traction.

yes they would be ‘great news’ if they come to light.