Pitool problem with internet



I am using a WIFI adapter for my internet connection and having Pitool running slows my connection a bit.

Does anybody know why this is and a solution for it ?


I have found my wifi adapter is hit and miss, sometimes I get super fast downloads, more than what my ISP allows, and then it can be super slow, same with streaming. I just went back to hardwired :frowning:


It’s definitely Pitool running which is causing the slowdown. I started Star Trek Bridge Crew and as soon as it connected it disconnected, closed Pitool and it ran with no problem.


Wow. My internet’s been cutting out every 10mins or so for the last few days and I believe this was the cause!

EDIT: Ok so since disabling PiTools my internet speed is way back up and dropouts have stopped. Is there something PiTools is using the internet for?


This is still happening. If I want to play online I have to close Pitool.

Any expert who can figure out why this is happening?


I know there was a program somebody used for the Oculus software to check what data it was sending back to them. I don’t know what it was called though but maybe we could do that here? I feel like it’s hogging my bandwidth when on.


Ok, I just reset my data usage stats and within 2 minutes Pitool.exe stood as the highest data usage at that moment so it is doing something.


That is concerning! I understand that it would need to ping back to see if an update is available, but what else is it doing?


It should only do that if I request it, not all the time.

I have made a ticket with the service desk so we will see what they say.


Any updates on this? Also experiencing slowdowns in download speed when PiTool is running. It really shouldn’t do anything with the network (besides checking whether updates are available once at startup and downloading said updates if the user clicks the related button perhaps).


i analyze 2min the network activtiy with procmon (sysinternals suite)
Download: 18.588.329 Bytes (~18 MB)
start: 20:56
end: 20:58

it looks ok…

maybe you can try to check your network activity with this tool


Had a look with the taskmanager analysis tool. Doesn’t look as if pitool would down- or upload anything - good, makes sense. It seems to severely interfere with my network (wifi) card though.
Here a screenshot that shows that it’s not subjective perception but really going to a deep dive the second I start pitool:


I’m personally not keeping PiTool open ever, you don’t seem to need it after everything is setup.

I only open it to change settings, then I close it right away (make sure to configure PiTool to completely exit when you close the program, not just minimize).


in deinem screenshot sieht man aber das die netzwerk belastung vorher bei rund 100mbit (download) ist und dann wo du den pfeil eingezeichnet hast (wenn pitool geschlossen wird), geht die belastung nach unten (das ist gut)… entweder hast du es falsch geschrieben und meintest das du an dem punkt pitool geschlossen hast… oder irgendwas anders hat durch zufall dann einfach aufgehört zu downloaden…


nein, ist schon so, wie ich es geschrieben habe - sobald ich PiTool aufmache geht die Downloadrate in den Keller, vorher war sie bei gut 100 MBit. Sobald ich PiTool schlieĂźe, geht die Rate wieder auf > 100 MBit hoch (sieht man auf dem Screenshot nicht).

It’s as described - the download rate goes down when I open PiTool. Before that the download rate was about 100 MBit, then it’s jumping around between about 0-20 MBit.
As soon as I close PiTool the rate goes up to >100 MBIt again.

Will open a report in the tracking tool.


@Sean.Huang I think you need to check this


achso falsch verstanden, ich dachte das pitool würde bei dir 100mbit traffic verursachen…

von der logik würde ich sagen, dass das pitool als proxy/tunnel dient und dann alles über langsame server geroutet wird… aber ja das sollte/darf nicht sein


Klingt etwas nach Verschwörungstheorie :slight_smile: Halte einen Konflikt zwischen WLAN Karte und dem PiTool (bzw. einem Pimax Treiber) für wahrscheinlicher. Hab aber mal ein Ticket aufgemacht, mal schauen, was der Support dazu sagt.

Thinking more it’s a resource confict… but let’s see what support says :slight_smile:

Here another screenshot that shows both start and stop of PiTool (stopped the tool a few seconds after starting, because the recording horizon of the graph tool is only 60s in total)pitool_wifi2

Edit: retried it with LAN instead of wifi. LAN doesn’t seem to be affected at all. So PiTool and my wifi card don’t seem to cooperate smoothly.


i have also issues with the Pitool. i recogised internet lags and started searching. with ping (-t) i have foundout that there are every 5-15 seconds peaks in the latency where it jumps from normal 25ms to 2k ms. when quiting pitool the peaks are gone.


Having same issue with newest pitool beta. every 5 seconds i get 2 second network dropout which for online gaming is unacceptable. quit pitool and no problems. Sorry Pimax but this is unacceptable! Are you doing crypto hashing without our permission or just spying on everyone?