Pitool problem with internet



Are you using a WiFi USB adapter? I think someone once reported this before and the theory was that Pitool was using up all the USB bandwidth and causing the wireless connection to drop.

I could be misremembering though.

Edit: I mean USB WiFi adapter.


Just to chime in, I’m having same problem with Wifi connection. HMD is connected through USB hub powered externally. I tried USB Wifi antenna (which I normally use) in different slots, but also straight (non-USB) antenna, result is the same.

I’ve 30/3Mbit VDSL, when this happens:

  • download goes down to around 0,5 Mbps (normally I have it >20, and almost always >10 Mbps)
  • upload stays around 2,8 Mbps, so upload is not affected at all
  • ping also stays the same

After some research I found out that the tracking (bluetooth devices) can interfere with 2.4Ghz Wifi, so I switched to 5Ghz. It did not really help but it is worth the try if you have the problem, as it might be partially responsible (or rearrange playspace/antenna so they do not interfere with each other).

Further research:

  • when I close Pitool, yes download goes back to full speed
  • however, when I turn on Index controllers, it goes back to 0,5 Mbps
  • when I turn index controllers off (but keep everything else running), then speed goes back to full

So for some reason it is actually having Index controllers (or maybe tracking controllers in general) turned on which causes the problem. I don’t know if it is connected to Pimax services but if people using non-Pimax HMDs have no problem then I suppose it is related to it in some strange way - e.g. when controllers are on the download speed goes down (but upload and ping is unaffected).

Not sure how to fix this though.


what Pitool version do you use? I have similiar problems with the 180 beta version. is there a newer version?


180 beta as well (before I was using 132 stable but it does not work with Index controllers).

AFAIK this is most recent, new version should release soon but is not yet available.