PiTool setting suggestions


Please test with Xplane 11.3 beta when the patch drops this week.



What about 0.05 increments for rendering quality ?

I think it is 0.25 increments now, right ? This sounds too large for fine tuning, implying you may need to combine it with varied steamVR supersampling to fine tune to your GPU/game.

With 0.05 increments in pitool we could then just let steamVR all the time at 100% (or anything the user finds good for him) and only use pitool rendering quality slider to set the desired level of supersampling (it will help for per game profils too).

Also have you seen those suggestions about icm color profil support ? Would it be possible ?
It would be really nice to have this to be able to calibrate the headset (as also having RGB gain/bias controls and other controls listed below)


I don’t want to upload it just yet.
I had to comment out some lines in the script to get it to compile at all. I’ll have another look after work.
I’d prefer for Pimax themselves to do it officially. I just wanted to prove it was possible and actually quite simple. They just decided on behalf of us that we don’t want to move installer location???


Fair enough. I don’t want to install anything else on C: than the mandatory stuff


Hopefully they fix it before you need to use it then :stuck_out_tongue:
For some reason people don’t seem to understand the benefit of an OS only drive which you can delete at any time and not lose data.
1 OS drive, 1 applications drive and 1 long term storage drive.

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Added links to @Sean.Huang’s first post to download pitool & pinned topic to 8k category.


No. The current label describes precisely what it is, giving you a clue as to when and why you may or may not need it. “New rendering” is a nebulous expression that could mean anything.

EDIT: Perhaps add a help bubble text, that says something like: “Compatibility mode for games that does not support screens that are set at an angle”.


Don’t change the description to something that dosn’t explain what it does.

There are only 2 or 3 checkboxes. Is it so hard to learn what the labels mean? The target group of Pimax are VR enthusiasts…

< joking > …and not Apple users. < /joking >
No personal pun intended… :blush:


Maybe if they implemented a hover tool pop-up with a description of what the option does. That way giving it a name that some won’t know will be irrelevant… Just hover over the option and text pop-up appears describing what it does.




That’s a GREAT idea. It should even be fairly simple to implement. (I’m a software engineer who specializes in GUI.)


Cheers… I’m full of it!.. And have a few ideas as well :wink:


They already have the little grey ‘info’ button next to the options.



received, we will check and fix it.


Did you see this?


Xing: The Land Beyond sadly required both parallel projections and a reduced resolution (got it running at 0.75 and “normal” fov), as Pitool’s defaults ( made it attempt to allocate a render buffer over 16K wide.


Can you check Red Matter? It crashes every time I tried to load it with Pitool. Thanks.


Sorry if it’s been mentioned but an ability to decrease CLPL panel brightness will be awesome


Was this with an in-game render scale setting above 100%?

If so: Are you saying that maintaining that setting high, and reducing the PiTool value, is preferrable (visual qualityt/performance/resouces) to doing it the other way around?


@Sean.Huang, shouldn’t Elite: Dangerous be in that list?