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Pitool Download Links (Install as Admin):

Check the game list and suggested settings, let me know if you have any question, or if you want us to test any game! More games and tips are coming up.

the new rendering mode is to improve the performance.

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Is there a reason that we can’t select the install location in the PiTool installer?


To clarify , turning on increases compatibility but this comes at a performance cost? And when playing at medium fov we can leave it off in the ’ recommended’ games?



Change in Pitool the name of the item “Compatible with parallel projection” to “New rendering”

The item “Compatible with parallel projection” is too much technical

In the comment section of the table please specify the exact fov between small/normal/large


“Compatible with parallel projection” checked is to use “Old rendering”.


It’s confusing for me.

I cannot suggest “Old rendering”

Instead every user would like “New rendering” or “New rendering to improve compatibility and performance”


@Sean.Huang What changed in latest version 1.84?



Actually now the size of Pitool is quite small, and the user do not need to change other location.


If you encounter some games which are not compatible with the present new render status, you could tick on the item “Compatible with parallel projection” to play.


So there you have it @destraudo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Could do with having Elite Dangerous in there for both Steam and Oculus.


@Sean.Huang , just found that with 1.84 the FOV setting is not saved. It will automatically revert to Large mode each time PiTool is restarted. Please make it savable.


They might not ‘need’ to but they sure want to. I don’t like stuff being installed onto my C drive.


What would be better is this:

Technical flow:

  1. A user adds a game
  2. An optimize icon appears next to the game with the tool-tip “Online check for recommended settings”
  3. User clicks the icon.

Game exe filename is sent to a PHP page that does a lookup in an XML/JSON table for this games exe filename
If it exists then it responds with the recommended settings which PiTool evaluates and responds with one of the following:

PiTool pops up a dialog that says “Optimized settings found. Apply?” YES/NO
PiTool pops up a dialog that says “This application is not listed yet, please set manually” OK
PiTool pops up a dialog that says “You already have the recommended settings” OK

For any game that is not listed, the PHP page will email Pimax with the game name so they can add it to the XML.

Or, you could automate all the above when a user adds a game for the first time only. It will lookup the settings and if found, apply them once then add a tick icon over the optimize icon button to inform the user that settings have been applied. They can also click optimize button again to check for updates at a future time.


There should be an option to reevaluate as developers may make a new version that is compatible.


I covered that (20char)


Just tick this option back again.
It’s not even that hard :stuck_out_tongue:

I did it!

I extracted the installer, edited the install script and recompiled. To show that it’s possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you upload the modified installer somewhere


They can’t use stuff like new or old in names… then the next patch hits and it’s new new rendering. older rendering, old rendering etc. There’s an info button next to the features, that’s good enough, and if they eventually do an automated ‘recommended settings’ per game like nvidia does through pitool, that’ll be more than enough for the non techies.


Yeah me either. It’s a tiny os nvme