Pitool - Standalone Files


I tried the auto update from the version to but it seems it doesn’t work. I always get the error that the source is corrupted.

I also manualy downloaded the .exe setup but I get the same error as soon as I see the copy bar. I could ignore it but the next file has the same issue and the next also etc.

Its only about the 90 version the other 76 and 84 are working fine. How about a ZIP File to copy the files manualy into the folder for every new update?

Would be great!


I have the same issue. I can’t install the version because it always says the files are corrupted.
How can I fix this issue?


Same Problem here. @Pimax: Pls fix! Thx


After all… Yes Pimax please fix it. If we aren’t able to get to the newest version how can we pretend getting eaten by old stuff…


UPDATE Version is now avaiable. I downloaded it manually and the installation worked.