Pitool still needs a mic boost option,the volume is way to low



Pitool still needs a mic boost option,the volume is way to low…
I have it at 100% in windows 10,alot off people have this problem…


It’s a windows 10 problem. There’s not much you can do besides attempting to fix it, or boosting the volume. Unfortunately, this can lead to some audio distortion.


am i the only one with this problem?

Maybe a faulty pimax again?

People cant hardly hear me.The volume is way to low…
And i dont have that boost option in windows 10…


@john2910 Have u tried increasing the gain on the mic options in Windows? I remember I did that long ago with the 8K m1 prototype…


yes its at max volume,and also there is no boost option
or is there something else to increase the gain?


Hmm thats true indeed, I dont see the boost/gain option anymore in Windows input settings. Im 100% sure it was there when I did the adjustment last time but this was back in 2018.

Another option is to use VoiceMeeter Banana (its free) for all sound inputs/outputs on Windows. Thats what i use lately for all sources and recordings. Its a bit complex to setup at first, but once done, its so easy to manage all sound, and you can boost (amp) any microphone with it, as well as add equalizer settings.


I think they removed the boost. I was scratching my head as well when I couldn’t find it. Lucky for me I’ve had zero issues with the mic and actually find it to be very good.


There is no mic boost option in the windows driver for USB microphones anymore and even at 100% via the windows settings my mic on my 5k+ is whisper quiet, almost unusable in multiplayer games where voice chat is a thing.

Ive managed to boost it using third party software but having a mic boost built into pitool would be a great addition.

Here is the guide i followed for boosting my volume:


that’s why pimax need to build this into pitool as an option…


Yep requested long ago.


i did it requested too…


I did say that it would be a great addition but also provided way to have the mic working well without having to wait for a fix to be added.


Here’s a link which might be helpful…


While that might be useful in some cases where a microphones is connected via one of the 3.5mm ports i dont think it applies in our case, the Pimax hmd mic uses microsofts default usb mic driver from which boost has been missing since the release of windows 8.

Apparently Microsoft has known about it for years but arent fixing it for some reason.

The only way to go about this currently is to use third party software to boost it, building the 3rd party boost functionality into Pitool may be possible but by the nature of boosting via software and peoples varying sound setups it might not work on every system.

Another possibility that i cant say anything of its viability would be is for pimax to make a driver for the microphone that has the boost functionality.