Pitool window is huge when using multiple monitors (one of which is a 4k monitor)



I am running on windows 10 and have three monitors. Main monitor is a 4k monitor set to 150% scaling, the other two are 1080p at 100% scale for applications. When I run pitool the window is large enough to display across all three monitors even though the text is still small and should not require such a large window.


Which headset did you receive? Single 4k monitor looks good


I have the Pimax 5k plus. The headset is running fine, but the pitool software window is what displays strange when I move out from one monitor to another. I have three monitors and moving from our out of the 4k one makes the window get huge.


Scaling pimax software was an issue on multiple monitors. @Enopho might know a trick that might work.

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers & can you ask someone to look into pitool scaling on multi monitor setup?


What you are describing is the multi monitor setup are all in different resolutions and are not configured as a single monitor (like infinity)

The only way you can fix this is either make all monitors infinity, or make all monitors the same resolution