PiTools Freeze's



Tried applying the latest build and came up with an error during installation so I aborted. At that point it wouldn’t work. Fine, so I uninstalled, rebooted and downloaded the latest version. Installed.

When I turn on the headset PtTools doesnt see the headset and the lighthouse. The moon landscape shows in the headset. Can’t click on anything in PiTools.
Without the headset on. I can’t click on anything in PiTools. Its frozen. It does not show as non-functional in task manager.

What the heck?

Even more bizarre, it still functions for the games.


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Can you post your config? Does pitool appear transparent?

Lightbouse does it show blue on Pitool screen?


Think I’ll post my Pitool bug here.
The brightness for left eye keeps changing to a random value when not set at 0 each time the HMD is booted up/turned on.
It can’t be set to a different value until you press the default button and then you can reset it.
Also get the occasional crash which I haven’t been able to pin down, probably when an issue with SteamVR


Turned on the computer today and its all good. No idea what the issue was but I had rebooted 3 times prior. Odd as hell


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Hello, everybody I am new over here and don’t know where to start and just got this to start. Well, just want to open with you all I am John.


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