Pixel Sparkling, Support Problems


Hello there!
I have these pixel sparklings and blackscreen blinking ever so often in my Pimax 5K headset.
I heard a new cable would solve the problem.
can somebody help me?
I wrote the support an email and didnt get anything back.
A guy in the kickstarter komment section tried to help me, but the “ticket creation” page he send me didnt let me log in, very strange.
Please help me, its an awesome headset, but with the problem i coudnt play any longer with it.
My name on kickstarter is Commander Sheepard


One of these chaps should be able to help you out…
@SweViver, @PimaxUSA, @Dallas.Hao


Just an FYI: You need a separate account for the support system and You use Your mail address as login… :wink: