Placed order, but haven't received product or tracking # for shipping


I placed an order on March 13th (order # P124223) and after receiving the initial order confirmation email, I have received nothing. I’ve sent email requests to all of Pimax’s support email addresses as well as creating a ticket… but no communication at all.

@mozi , @Dallas.Hao , can you please email me, reply to this forum thread, or private-message me with an update or an estimated time of anticipation when I might receive the product? I would greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to the club, Jesse. :slight_smile:
The abbreviation ETA works a bit different here, you should read it as “estimated time of anticipation”.


Thank you! Guess I’m far from the only one.

I appreciate the correction, and have updated the original post accordingly. :slight_smile:



As a community volunteer; I don’t have access to that info.

@mozi & @Dallas.Hao are pimax employees. I would say you should receive a response today or tomorrow.


Thanks for the correction, @Heliosurge. I’ve updated the original post. :slight_smile:


Please check your private message box.


Thank you, @Dallas.Hao!


hi i have sent 10 emails to preorder support and no one is replying i ordered in jan 2019 and web site promised orders will be shipped by 21st Feb. No one is replying or telling the plain simpke truth. This is not how you should treat your customers .



Added Mozi to your post.


Hi, I am asking this for the third time now:
I have exactly the same problem, I even ordered a week earlier than the thread opener, on March 7th. No tracking number, no nothing. Can you pleas tell me what happened to my order?
Order no. is 124115
@mozi @Dallas.Hao