Plan F upgrade out of stock? Are you seriously kidding me?

It’s a terrible deal though, when @PimaxUSA originally talked about it on the livestream it was implied that shipping was included, but they’re charging me $60 shipping, which is ridiculous when they can just ship directly from Valve for free. And yes, I know @PimaxUSA is saying they have to get them to Pimax’s facility, test them, and then send again, but why? Can’t you just rely on Valve’s support if anything’s wrong? Why do you have to test them again?


Ok so I’ve just ponied up. It was cheaper than valve, and if it means I get my lighthouses and controllers at a reasonable time I’m resigned to it

Honestly, I just want to start using this thing… I have no desire to upgrade to an 8k or whatever.

But @PimaxUSA @SweViver. Will this order mean I get everything in one shipment? The index controllers, lighthouses and audio strap and glasses insert?

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@Matthew.Xu why am I being changed $80 USD for delivery when this is part of my full package that I have already paid for ?

3 Likes Timestamp to Kevin stating the upgrade price includes their shipping costs.

So either that was a mis-statement, or the store is currently mishandling the items.


Cool! So maybe I’ll get my $60 back? …

Hopefully we get an answer yet this week.

What I understood that Kevin said, was that there would be a price difference, plus a small fee for shipping and handling, which is technically correct. There is 179 USD price difference (in Pimax metrics), plus small fee 60 USD for shipping and handling. /s

What is confusing is what he was saying later about the delivery where it sounded like the bundle should be delivered from Valve directly, which seems has changed.

oh crap, its out of stock again! please tell me i didnt just sleep through my only chance to finaly get my VR-setup complete this year!

That was my concern @Venatos. So I paid the money. It did work out cheaper than valve, despite the $60 shipping— but at least pimax are somewhat accountable for sending me something I can actually use.

Who knows, maybe the out of stock is to fix something, or maybe they only ordered a small batch, or maybe there were a lot of people who ordered.

I honestly have no confidence in pimax actually completing the sword controllers—which is not a total slight. I really think their strengths are Headsets and they should stick to that — the way the presentations always focus on the displays, it makes me think this is the case, but I might be wrong.

been sitting here for nearly a year now with a 600buck headset i cant fully use and just payed another 1000 for another one. you ever get the feeling you might be a moron? im pretty sure i am one…


Hahah, naah, you’re just a futurist!


Welcome to the club :partying_face::crazy_face::grinning::+1:


You mean you were overcharged by $80?

I was charged $80 for delivery at the checkout. So I didn’t go through with the purchase . Why am I being charged for delivery for the rest of my kickstarter bundle ?

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This is my main concern too. I plan for Upgrade A, which means Pimax doesn’t have to ship anything else after. Still they ask $120 shipping cost for HMD.

If I do nothing, they will need to ship base stations, controllers, some stretch goals, together it will add up to more than single HMD shipping (or around same if they can send it all at once which is unlikely). So why is there shipping cost at all?


It a blatant money grab and that’s why they aren’t answering .

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@Fomatter maybe you can ask the helpdesk?

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Why bother they can answer the question on this forum .

Hi all,

I wanted to get plan F too.
I do not even see the upgrade plans on the website anymore…

Am i the only one ? :frowning:

You aren’t the only one. I noticed they took all upgrade plans off the site except for the vision 8K plan