Plans E & F in stock, is it safe to buy?

Kickstarter update #50 states upgrade plans E & F (Index controllers and basestation switch for backers) are in stock. Given the state of the website over the past few days, I am reluctant to pay for them. @Matthew.Xu Did valve give you the ok? I was told they wouldn’t be available until next week

@Matthew.Xu semi urgent as we as backers need to know so we can buy

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @SweViver
We’d like to know if this is an authorised motion and whether we will have to refund and start the process all over again? Additionally, has the 6 week lead time started yet? Can we have a rough timeline?

I am trying to purchase it now, but paypal is unavailable.

Also trying to purchase Upgrade F but PayPal is unavailable.

Sorry, not using “stripe” because quite frankly I don’t trust Pimax enough and I want PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

Also will these actually get shipped out this year?


@Matthew.Xu, can I choose an upgrade plan “for current owners” in conjunction with “plan F”?
(The fact is that they cannot be put in one basket …)

@Matthew.Xu We need you to answer some important questions about this.
I´m not going to pay anything else until you answer all the previous questions and this ones:
Who´s gonna send the package? Valve or pimax?
Do we have to pay duties?
Warranty, pimax or valve?

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@Matthew.Xu you’ve been reliable when it comes to responses, so far. You’ve been a really great help recently, i need your answer on this last request

plus 1 for PayPal’s Buyer Protection. Never trust Pimax again.

The basestations are already in stock as far as i know, and Valve controllers should arrive next week (if nothing has been changed and nothing goes wrong), so I wouldn’t worry.


@SweViver So when can we expect shipping to start? Do we still have to wait the 6 week lead time?

And just out of my curiosity, not that important, but are the basestations valve or pimax?

No the last thing I heard was that the lead time is not needed anymore. At least not 6 weeks. As soon as the controllers arrive, they should start to ship out within a week or two after manual handling.

The basestations are Valve Index 2.0. No other company has rights to do their own Basestations.


@SweViver can we receive basestations now and Swords later?

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About the „controllers“ being shipped in MARCH as advertised in the update:
Are we talking sword or sword sense?

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so in turn controllers shipped about Christmas!/!?!?!?!?!?
v excited then

Still no PayPal, and now it’s also saying I need to pay $39 extra shipping. What?
I shouldn’t have to pay for shipping! I backed the Pimax bundle, I’m already entitled to have Pimax base stations and controllers shipped to me at no extra cost. This upgrade should just be a straight swap to Index since you have them in stock and are shipping them out yourselves just like you would with the Pimax versions.

@Matthew.Xu @SweViver