Playing non VR games


The main reason for me to buy the Pimax 4K was hoping to be able to dive into my old, non VR games in VR. (Generally FPS like Skyrim, Fallout, some space simulators and so on). Doesn’t seem as straight forward as I thought though.

I have used Trinus with some cheap cardboard HMD but the USB Tethering but Trinus doesn’t seeem to work with Pimax. (If anyone has different info, please tell me)

Is Vorpx the only way to go, or are there other possiblilties? I would happily pay for Vorpx if it actually works to my satisfaction, but it’s really beyond bad that there is on trial or demo version.




Vorpx does seem to be the best route.


If you are ok with paying for VorpX it will be for sure a hell lot of fun BUT be prepared not never actually play through a whole game that was not designed in the first place for VR. It’s more about experiencing a game that you already like from another literally point of view and tinkering with it. Vorpx is also a nice and better alternative for bringing your desktop to your HMD. Far better than Bigscreen at least.
Also be prepared that some stuff does not work right out of the box and requires some tweaking. For me it’s fun, but not for everybody.